Like the revamped supermarket on Vanderbilt? Celebrate its reopening on October 14th — Brooklynian

Like the revamped supermarket on Vanderbilt? Celebrate its reopening on October 14th


  • I will celebrate by maybe finally acknowledging its existence on my street.  I do appreciate its shininess.   
  • Can it legally be called "Food Town?" I mean...Foodtown...
  • I assume a franchise agreement is in place.
  • Vanderbilly: Portland, Maine beckons.
  • I'd actually prefer portland Oregon.  And if it's cool, I'll just wait here while they build it around me  
  • and their prices have increased across the board. 
  • I wonder if the employees now have a better pay and benefit package.

    I assume they kept the same staff.
  • the only thing i get from there is milk, luckily that hasnt changed price ($3.49/gallon)

    i still see the same staff there, i hope their pay and benefits increased but i wouldnt bet on it.

  • Love that grocery store!  I do all my grocery shopping there. The staff and owners are friendly and helpful. The new set up of the store is great!  Lots more options of products. Much more vegan products, which is a great help to me.  Love the expanded deli.  I never would've considered buying something from the deli when it was The Met but have tried many things from the new and improved one and have loved everything so far.  I'm so glad this is in our neighborhood!!!  It's just a block away from me so it's very convenient. 
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    Over quite a few decades I have watched the evolution of Bohacks to Met Foods to Foodtown and must praise as loudly as I can the efforts of Abdul and Frank to make it work. The first few years were really really hard for any business on Vanderbilt. But they persevered and the result is this wonderful new store. I don't know how people know about wages etc. but the two guys have hired many people over the years and, seeing familiar faces for at least 10 years, it must be a pretty good place to work.  It also should be noted that the guys give generously to every activity our block association dreams up. They have never said no. I write this with gratitude and awe. Foolio, be brave and buy something more than milk. My family and I have for 40 years and survived, unharmed.
  • not my original intention to sound so cynical there about the wages. they do seem like nice people and the workers there are always friendly. i get the majority of my groceries from the food coop but im glad they're still serving this neighborhood and the new store looks great.
  • The new store looks great, I just hope the produce section improves along with the look of the place.  I've had pretty terrible experiences with fruit and vegetables from them over the years, so it would be great to be able to get those things closer to home instead of having to walk well into Park Slope if I forget the hit up the farmer's market on Saturday.
  • This changeover has made me curious about how the supermarket business actually works these days. I know that Met Foods and Key Foods are both cooperatives, where individual store owners join the co-op. I always thought Foodtown, Pathmark, Stop & Shop, etc. were corporate owned and operated. Perhaps I'm wrong and they work more like the hotel model where you can join a brand or a flagship while maintaining ownership of the property. 

    Anyone have any ideas how this actually works?
  • The banner on the front of the store states "new store, same family, better prices".

    So, it would seem the family still owns the store and defected from Met Foods.
  • Now if they would only stock Hydrox...
  • I *love* the improvements they have made, and the great selection they carry.  It's a real asset to the community, and improves quality of life substantially. I particularly appreciate how many local Brooklyn companies with great products are represented.  It really feels like a neighborhood supermarket.
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