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Ten Tips on Staying Healthy & Happy This Holiday Season!

edited December 2016 in Park Slope
Health Holidays
  1. Get plenty of sleep
  2. Be an early bird when it comes to exercise
  3. Find movement in everyday activities and remember that any time increment is beneficial (even 5 minutes!)
  4.  Stay hydrated with water and beware of booze
  5. Eat mindfully - chew slowly and taste your food
  6. Don’t skip meals or go to a party hungry
  7. Figure out how you enjoy exercising – use the buddy system, enlist your family, join a team or a class, be outside in nature, listen to your favorite tunes
  8. Reframe exercise as a gift to yourself with immediate rewards - I’ll have more energy if I exercise, I’ll feel less stressed if I exercise, I’ll sleep better tonight if I exercise
  9. Use smaller plates
  10. Fill those plates with lots of fresh vegetables as well as protein and fiber

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