Shooting on St Johns near Troy, Dec 26 around 3:15 PM — Brooklynian

Shooting on St Johns near Troy, Dec 26 around 3:15 PM

Brooklyn: 1280 St Johns place, Crime scene being established in regards to a male shot, Aided in stable condition.



  • This photo appears to show a guy running away with a gun, as well the injured draping out of a car.
  • Got to the office about 9:15 this morning. News 12 is there doing a story. Cops are sitting in front of the building.
  • This one seems like it should be one that results in an arrest:

    Survelliance cameras
    The person lived

    We shall see...
  • Quite a photo
  • Cops still sitting in front of building. Maybe they're thinking some kind of retaliation might take place.
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    The cops often also watch the shooting responses from a distance, because sometimes people who believe that "violence makes sense" act out against people who believe such violence makes no sense.

    It is rare, but it does happen...
  • Maybe related...
    Anyone know why there are helicopters hovering near bedford and St. John's ?
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    Dec 28 around 9:30 PM, guy reportedly ran from police at Frankin, near Dean.   Yards are being searched and lit up.

      (photo not by me)

  • Got it, thanks! Must be an important guy...?
  • Spoke to a guy who lives in one of the buildings that are being watched by the cops. Told me that the other guy in the car in which the guy got shot also had a gun and was ready to shoot back. In addition, numerous arrests were made in front of the buildings yesterday morning because if you don't live in the buildings you can be arrested just for hanging out on the stoop there so as soon as some guys showed up they were cuffed and taken away. Apparently the management company is trying their best to clean the place up and asking the police for help.
  • A while ago, I speculated that the adjacent block (Lincoln between Utica and Troy) was the busiest in terms of drug sales.

    ...perhaps these arrests on St Johns will further entrench Lincoln as number 1?
  • More drugs are sold out of the buildings and deli across from my office than in Colombia.
  • The dealers don't shoot anybody who's not trying to sell on their turf so in that respect there's not a whole lot to worry about.
  • Dealers are often robbed, and there are disputes that arise between dealers and users regarding the quality of the drugs after the sale.

    Most dealers do not abide by policies that assure "money back if not fully satisfied"
  • This is true but unless you're an innocent bystander you have little to worry about.
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