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Volunteer: Inspire Crown Heights Students to Love Reading

Become a volunteer with Behind the Book, a non-profit literacy organization that inspires New York City public school students to love reading. Through our innovative programs, accomplished authors lead workshops in high-needs pre-K-12 classrooms, where they guide students in creating their own writing and art projects based on the theme of the author's book.

No experience or training is necessary to volunteer as a writing, research, or art coach. You'll engage and encourage students as they work on their creative projects. To sign up, please contact volunteer@behindthebook.org with the program code(s) and workshop date(s) you'd like to join.

Students in this workshop need your support this month at an elementary school in Crown Heights:

PROGRAM 2414DRR (4th grade)

Book & Author: Lady Liberty by Doreen Rappaport
Date & Time: Friday, January 20th from 9:00 – 10:30 AM
Volunteer Role: Writing Coach

Program: Inspired by the book, the class will work with the author to study the Statue of Liberty’s history and symbolism. They'll take a field trip to visit the landmark, then, with the help of coaches, write about their family's origins and the obstacles they overcame as new arrivals to this country.

For more details about this and other workshop dates to volunteer at schools around the city, please visit our volunteer opportunities page.

To join our team and receive announcements of new volunteer opportunities, please complete our brief questionnaire.
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