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My Wife Was Just Assaulted on Franklin....

At around 8:10 PM my wife was walking south on Franklin Avenue, and just after she crossed Union Street a guy walked up and punched her in the head.  Didn't say anything. Just punched her in the head for no reason. She was on the ground crying "why would you hit me? Why would you do that?"  My wife is the most kind, gentle person you'll ever meet. It's unbelievable that someone would walk up and punch her in the head for no reason. 

She's pretty shaken up, as anyone would be in this situation. The police came and filled out a report.  A couple guys saw what happened and helped her up and stuck around until I got there. One of them hopped in a car with some officers and they drove around the block to look for the guy, but they couldn't find him.  Hopefully they will.  There are several cameras nearby, so hopefully one of them got a clear shot of the guy's face.

*My wife prefers to remain anonymous, so if any local news outlets decide to cover the story, please maintain her anonymity. Thank you.


  • Wow very sorry to hear. Hope she's OK.
    Please share any surveillance pics if the police give them to you
  • Sorry to hear about this. Hope she recovers
  • So sorry to hear. Sending support!
  • Sucks.  So sorry.  Hope she's okay!

    There's a really feisty and creepy dude who's been hanging out at Dunkin Donuts recently in the morning or outside Yoons and cruises up and down Franklin south of EP.  He smokes cigarettes, has a red hat, is pretty big/round and always has super bloodshot eyes.  He likes to start with people.  He did with me and I was pretty freaked out.  He glares at people and makes them feel uncomfortable.  The staff of Dunkin Donuts told me they have to call the cops on him regularly for harassing people.

    He makes eye contact with people and then says "What you staring at" really aggressively.  No matter what you do, either say something back or say nothing at all - he escalates.  Anyone else had interactions with this guy?
  • This is terrible, I'm so sorry this happened to your wife! I hope they catch that guy or at least up the police presence to make sure it discourages another incident.
  • Just saw this. I feel so bad, and I wish there was a way I could have helped. My wife won't even come visit me at work because she doesn't feel safe walking on Franklin Ave. Everyone, Please be careful everywhere not just on Franklin Avenue.
  • North of EP generally feels safe, south of EP a bit less so, but Union isn't that far south, which makes this surprising.
  • Doesn't that corner of Union and Franklin have a bit of history as far as shootings and gang activity? I feel like in the last 3 years there has been far more violent activity there than much of the surrounding area.
  • I am always happy once I get north of EP. 
  • I observe more open drug dealing in the area formed by the shuttle tracks, EP, Bedford and President than I do in other nearby areas.

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  • I don't think the strip south of EP is unsafe exactly.  It certainly is not as gentrified as the area to the north and there are some ne'er-do-wells who hang out on the corners like the dude I mentioned above, but everyone on my block (off Franklin south of EP) knows each other and is friendly and cordial -- except when arguing over snow shoveling turf. Yes, there's occasional gang-on-gang related violence, but this happens on the north side of EP too. 

    What happened to Ms. McPoet sucks big time but I think stories like this are far from the norm.

    Certainly it feels safer now than two years ago maybe that's just me?  The addition of the new bars on Union and Franklin and the more foot traffic I think is positive.  Also developments like the Spice Factory place that will come up in the next year or so will also add additional foot traffic...
  • If one of us subscribed to spotcrime it would be pretty easy to determine it.

  • Thanks for the kind words everyone. Of course the precinct didn't do anything, so that's it. Case closed. You can walk up and punch whoever you want in the head with impunity apparently. In retrospect, there was someone walking towards me as I was heading up the block to get to her, who I thought may have said something to me. My biggest priority was my wife's well-being and getting to her, but in retrospect I apparently should have just busted him and every other person on the block in the face, as that's apparently how you get justice--and you can apparently punch people in the head with total impunity. Good to know. Lesson learned. In the past I've liked how quiet this block is, but that also means it gets pretty quiet and clears out at night, making it easier for something like this to happen (and on the flip side the Crown Fried Chicken has had exactly the effect I thought it would, more noise, more fights, more violence...worst of both worlds). Between stuff like this and regular shootings, I hate the idea of good, decent people being displaced, but another part of me would be perfectly content to see Franklin become gentrified as fuck if it means my wife not being randomly assaulted for no reason and having shootings on a weekly basis. At the the of the day, this could happen right in the middle of Midtown Manhattan, but it's only natural to try to identity things that could help to prevent stuff like this from happening. I will say that where the NYPD had a pretty constant presence here back in 2011-2013 or so (largely precipitated by someone shooting off the rooftop of a building back then), they've completely abandoned the block from a maintaining a regular police presence standpoint. Considering the number of gunshots fired in the immediate area of late, I have no clue why there isn't a more regular presence. Apparently you have to go all Bernie Goetz to protect yourself these days. Like I said, lesson learned.
  • @mcpoet I'm so sorry to hear about your wife. I can't begin to imagine how shaken up she must be. I hope she's doing better. Def sending some good vibes your way.

    No one deserves to be randomly assaulted. With this happening to mrs mcpoet and the girl and dog that were attacked by the man with his two pit bulls I've been more aware of my surroundings in the area. It saddens me to hear about this because I feel like south of eastern parkway has a tight knit community for the most part.

    I agree with you @yesbrooklyn once the constant police presence and routine traffic stops were phased out things have regressed. I also think the crowd dunkin donuts attracts isn't helping. I'm sure I've seen that guy before but can't picture what he looks like.
    It's tough.

    I enjoy the rough edges that is part of living south of eastern parkway and honestly prefer the gentrification to not trickle down this way (although it's happening at a more rapid space than I'd like). I know the majority of the people on the street and shop keepers that I pass making my way down Franklin past eastern parkway which makes me feel safe, but I'm also not naive. I suppose having a dog with me the majority of the time helps.

    Stay safe out there everyone. And if mcpoet finds surveillance with images of this guy I'd be curious to know if I recognize him.
  • there anything that we as people living in the neighborhood can do?  Who do we talk to and how do we do it?  I'm relative newcomer to the area and feel as though I've been welcomed with fairly open arms but still don't feel as though I have the right necessarily to try to shine a light on some of the messed up stuff that's happening and would feel pretty awkward knocking on doors to try to pull together a group to try to get the city to start addressing stuff like this.    

    Any thoughts?  
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    1) Go to the precinct council meetings and talk about the issues there. Each precinct has a community meeting once a month. You can go and ask the commander directly to focus attention on the issues with crime and safety on that block

    2) Find out if your block has a block association - if it does, go and participate in the meetings. If it doesn't try starting one. If you're not comfortable starting one, find out if one of the neighboring blocks has a block association meeting and attend that. Talk about the issues there and let your neighbors know your concerns. Not everyone has the same commute or routes and folks may not know what has occurred.

    3) Go to the local community board meetings - especially for the crime and safety committees and voice your concerns. The CB meetings are better than Netflix for entertainment.
  • Thanks homeowner!  Very good info.
  • I hope to do my civic duty and show up to these things.  I know it can seem like an uphill battle but if we all show up sometimes maybe this madness will cease or at least decrease?
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