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Demolition and construction coming to 830 Flatbush (at Linden) — Brooklynian

Demolition and construction coming to 830 Flatbush (at Linden)


"They’ve filed plans for a seven-story apartment building at 830 Flatbush Avenue, near the corner of Linden Boulevard in Flatbush.

The 73-foot-tall development would have 20 apartments, stacked on top of 1,806 square feet of retail space. They’d be divided across 14,479 square feet of residential space, for average units that measure 720 square feet. Rentals seem likely, and the small average unit size means they’ll be mostly studios and one-bedrooms.

Michael Avramides Architects are designing the building.

After the ground floor retail, each of the upper floors would have three or four apartments. The ground floor and cellar would include 500 square feet of recreation space.

A decrepit, two-story commercial building occupies the site. Demolition plans were filed last month to knock it down, but they haven’t ben approved yet. Rabsky picked up the 4,500-square-foot property for $2,400,000 in January 2015."

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