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A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn Coming to Prospect Heights!

As you may know, we are sadly leaving our beloved space on 7th Avenue, but are very excited to start a new chapter in Prospect Heights (663 Vanderbilt Avenue between Park Place and St. Marks Place).

We will miss you all, but hope you will come visit us in our new space when we re-open there on March 1. Stay tuned for our fun grand opening plans!  

We are closing on Friday, Jan 27 to get ready for our move, but will re-open this weekend to clear out our merchandise before we move permanently on Monday. Please come in and take advantage of our amazing savings this weekend and to say goodbye for now ...

THANK YOU for being such wonderful customers and neighbors!


  • What is this? Who is "we" and does "we" know that the streets go St. Marks, Prospect Place, Park Place. I don't think 663 can be between Saint Marks and Park Place. Anyway, whoever "we" is welcome to the neighborhood.
  • "We" is A Shoe Grows in Brooklyn. I was trying to copy over from their email marketing, but seemingly failed.
  • I kind of like that places are relocating from Park Slope to Prospect Heights.

  • I was going to say, maybe they should ask the one remaining kid store how the kid clothes business is going on Vanderbilt. Last I saw, they were having a pretty drastic sale.  But it seems this new place is taking over that old place, so I imagine they've discussed. 

     Good luck to them.
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