Bodega at 725 Nostrand (and Sterling) bites the dust. — Brooklynian

Bodega at 725 Nostrand (and Sterling) bites the dust.

Signage indicates that before it was a bodega it was a Floeshiem Shoe store, which likely closed in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

725 Nostrand

Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 12.16.39 PM 

Shot of it being deconstructed:


  • It will become, according to one of the workmen, an "organic deli." We'll see what that means.
  • That could mean it will remain under the same management.

    ...if so, I am glad they have the skills and capital to adapt.
  • Returning as an upscale deli. Competition all around it.

  • Where I lived in the south slope, there would be a great deli on almost every other corner.  I have to say, the only good deli I go to right now is on Nostrand/St. Johns. I think it's all about convenience, so if this one is good, I won't walk the extra 2 blocks to go to the other one.  
  • So this upscale deli will be right across the street from the upscale deli under construction in the former Song's location? I hope they both manage to survive...
  • I believe Song's will be more produce oriented, and this one more coffee oriented.
  • there are organic delis like Brooklyn Born on bedford and prospect place, which are great places to get good stuff.  And then there "organic delis" which are more like potato chip boutiques, like the one on Nostrand between St. marks and Bergan.  The corner bodega guy moved into a bigger place and put some "classy" shelving to hold all the potato chips.  We'll see.
  • I am looking forward to when both new bodegas open. I need a corner store on my block!
  • For me, it's about close access to a 6-pack of beer... and chips... late at night.  IPA on demand.  
  • Others seek fancy cat food.
  • Will there be 6-pack access though? My SO complains all the time that it is virtually impossible to find a ham and swiss on a roll and a 6-pack in the neighborhood due to the fact that many of the Yemeni proprietors are observant Muslims. 
  • Bedford and Sterling bodega has six packs. Occasionally they're priced amazingly as well.
  • The sign on this new store is a little off, I think.  It's called the "Thunder" deli, I think.  Also, beer is not listed on the sign.  There is a huka pipe on the sign, which is a part of the signI do like actually.  I was hoping for something more subtle...and, of course, beer.
  • Turkey bacon seems likely.
  • The new sign makes it very clear that this bodega will be more of a classic bodega. So long as it is clean, has decent stock, does not smell like cat piss, and is not the least convincing front I've ever seen (and that's saying a lot), this will be a vast improvement over the previous owners. Wished they would have gone for a more understated sign. But we may be getting a fancy Korean produce market where Song's used to be, so there will be options for all.
  • The sign is growing on me.  I really like the Gloria's sign across the street.  
  • Looks like there is a deli renovation bonanza. The bodega on the next corner (Nostrand & Park) has been shuttered for the last two weeks as they do significant renovations. It looks like they replaced all of the frontage with floor to ceiling glass walls, rewired and put up completely new light fixtures, and are getting new refrigerators and equipment. This followed a pretty extensive update about two years ago. 
  • I  noticed that too! Yay for cleanliness and better light.
  • It would be interesting to see to what degree demand for lottery tickets, 40 oz beer and cigarettes has changed.

    Gourmet potato chips for all.

  • whynot_31 said:
    It would be interesting to see to what degree demand for lottery tickets, 40 oz beer and cigarettes has changed. Gourmet potato chips for all.
    Gourmet potato chips are fine and dandy, as long as Wise and Lay's are still available :) 
  • Does anyone know when it will open?
  • they often get sucker punched by the city when they take the temptation and sell beer to did the deli on Park and Nostrand.
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    I kind of hate the Thunder Deli. Why does their garish sign have to BLINK all night long, too?
    Is Thunder Deli open all night, despite not selling beer?
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