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Bereavement Groups Begins, Wednesdays March 22nd 6:30-8PM

Do you need a place to process the loss due to Death of a loved one, or do you have a friend going through a loss, here is a description of a group that may help.

Here's some of what you can expect by participating in the group:

• Meet in 8 weekly sessions* led by a compassionate and experienced grief professional.

•  Find the tools you need to help you grow and heal.

• Share your experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

• Talk with others in the same situation.

• Learn more about what to expect from your grief.

• Find healing and comfort through Alexander Technique and relaxation exercises.

• Develop new rituals to organize your grief

Learn more about my practice at

* ($50 a session)

Contact Jane Dorlester,LCSW

718 788 4991

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