Crown Heights south of EP is apparently a rat resevoir — Brooklynian

Crown Heights south of EP is apparently a rat resevoir

Walking on Empire near the fast food junction at Flatbush I can testify that there are dozens and dozens of rats late at night at least as far down as Bedford. And not just the kind that run away, the bold kind that you might accidentally kick or will run straight over your foot. 


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    This is not surprising, although it's interesting to see quantifying data to support what I have already observed.

    When coming from the NB B41 bus stop at Empire Boulevard and Flatbush Avenue, I generally avoid that little diagonal walkway to Empire, because rats frequently dart across.

    Years ago, the McDonald's at 57 Empire Boulevard had landscaping around the entire perimeter of the property. However, rats ran rampant. Much of the dirt has been cemented over, and I suspect it was done in an attempt to curb the rat problem.

    While construction at 90 Sullivan Place stalled for years, rats would dart out from the site. 

    People obviously are reporting rat problems, otherwise, how would the city have this data? If anyone were to have suggestions on how to curb this problem effectively, I'd like to hear them :) 

  • I believe it! though the one I saw hanging out scampering about a building's lobby was one of the cute ones.
  • It used to be a lot worse...
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