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Should St. Johns Place become a one-way street?

These flyers have been posted along St. Johns Place near Nostrand Ave. 

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  • This should have been done years ago. There are streets much wider than St. Johns that are one way in some parts and turn into two way. Albany and Nostrand Aves. come to mind.
  • Which direction should it go?
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    It would likely go east, just to continue the pattern of the streets. Lincoln goes west, St. Johns east, Sterling west, Park east, etc. 

    The problem with this though is that the B45 runs on St. Johns. St. Johns is certainly not a wide street but it is wider than pretty much all of the other streets in the vicinity. It's just wide enough for a two way but not wide enough for it to "comfortably" be a two way street. The only way would be to make parking available on one side only. Probably on the southern end of the street since Downtown Brooklyn bound buses stop on the northern side of the street at the corner.

    There is a bike lane on Sterling and the street is too small for both the bike lane and the bus.
  • @BryceTC -- i think taking away a lane of parking is probably the best solution to the really scarily narrow stretch of St. John's between New York Ave and Rogers...but I doubt the neighbors would allow that to happen. People in this nabe love their cars too much. 
  • Forgetting that people want their cars because after all, why shouldn't they. The point is, there's no place else to park within blocks as Nostrand and Rogers are metered. I would have rented a store on that block if there was a place for me to park. But, making one side of the street no parking anytime might be the best solution. This is done on Lincoln Place too because the street is so narrow.
  • *I say this as a car owner who loves her car and wants to be able to park it easily too* I think re-routing a one-way bus down Sterling could work -- even though we'd lose some parking spaces on my would be more fair....a bus can travel alongside a bike lane...and the bus turns on to Sterling Place at Rogers anyway...
  • I'm not sure about the details of re-routing, but, as a driver (and parker) and pedestrian, I can attest that this stretch of St. John's is just plain scary for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. In addition to the car crashes and pedestrian injuries that make the news (and there are plenty), I'd guess there are a lot more minor accidents on that street that don't get reported. It's just too dangerous as a two-way street.
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    Several times a week, a truck gets stuck at the corner of New York and St. Johns while trying to turn and ends up holding up traffic. I'm confused as to how some would think that having several buses a day make those two tight turns (once onto New York and once onto Sterling) would be feasible.

    It just seems impractical. The only way I can think that this would be doable is to restrict parking to one side like I suggested earlier. It's inconvenient for those that live on the street but it'll also mean having a wider and safer road.
  • Does any one know if the old street car that used to run through here was one way or two way?
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