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My new walking/posting companion: Boost

Some readers may not be aware that my prior dog (Dude) passed away last summer at age 15. There was then a mourning period, and winter. Now that Spring has arrived, Ms Whynot and I are pleased to announce a new dog has joined the household: Boost. He is approximately 40 lbs, and 18 months old. You will begin seeing him in photos I post. image image


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    Gah! Looks just like my dog except for the white paws. Congrats, he's adorable!

    Been a while, whynot. My condolences on Dude. 

  • Dude was a fine beast. He got to enjoy the neighborhood when it was full of chicken bones, and his health slowly declined as they became less plentiful.

  • WHO'S A GOOD DOGGIE!! <3 <3
  • 40 lbs, eh? he doesn't look too big! pits must be ultra-dense. what a cutie!
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    There may be lab and pit in his background.

    Let's just say it is unlikely he is the result of two purebreds
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