We had a happy experience at FAUN (606 Vanderbilt) recently and in the interest of helping a new business I want to give it a plug. The food prepared by chef Brian Leth was inventive and memorable, as it has been in past visits. The staff was extraordinarily (and genuinely) welcoming (particularly the owner David.) The setting is as original as one would expect from this architect/owner.
Wednesday nights Faun’s wine list is offered by half bottles (as well as full, obviously.) FAUN describes its list as “eccentric,” which means not trite or in any way the usual. Beer’s on tap: War Flag, Robust Porter, Founders, etc.
The main reason I am writing is to trumpet the discovery that they now have brunch every Saturday and Sunday 11-3. AND reservations (718-576-6120) are taken if you wish, so no lines. NO LINES AT BRUNCH! Yikes. What a concept.
Brunch menu: popovers, chicken milanese or ciabatta, eggs Florentine, buckwheat pancakes with trout etc. etc. etc. Nothing over $16. Even the shrimp, polenta, Calabrian chili dish. Tip always included.
I have ZERO interest financially or am I related to or friends with the owners of FAUN, but such a warm, engaging and delicious place deserves to be patronized and fawned over by our neighborhood.
The beautifully planted garden soon will open at all meals, INCLUDING brunch. So go and bask in the garden sun, and the warmth of this establishment.


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    Ms Whynot and I went soon after it opened, maybe 2x since.

    Food was good, but a little too "farm to table" for us. We aren't really sure what they will have on a given night, due to using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients.

    This is an issue because I tend to decide on an entree before I leave the apt.

    Hence, it is not really a regular spot for us.
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    Faun is a fantastic restaurant and with all the care and time our waitress spent with us, it was an enlightening experience as well as culinary. But it was extremely expensive. So, although I frequent restaurants on the nightly, and I will never forget my Faun experience, I've now had the Faun experience, and I'm not in a rush to return for that dinner, BUT brunch on the other hand, that I will definitely be by to check out. And reservations first, got it.
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