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369 Lenox — Brooklynian

369 Lenox

369 Lenox, at the corner of Lenox and New York Ave, has sold and is due to be demolished. Perhaps it will be part of the building site next door at New York Ave (which was also a house that was recently demolished). 
Sort of a cool looking building. It looks to me like the developer originally built a row of these on Lenox but this one, being on the end, had a higher peaked roof. You can also see the stained glass windows and details since it has an additional exposure. This design is common but not often seen from the side. 

Sold for $850k from an estate to an LLC. 

Due to be demolished.


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    i just noticed this this weekend! i always admired that house on my way to kings county nurseries. it's a shame, especially given the hideous quality of the other new construction on this block. And, it should be noted, co-op/condo sales on this block seem to lag behind those on Lenox closer to flatbush. even though technically it's rather closer to the subway-the winthrop 2/5.... i still argue that there's a limit to how much ugliness newcomers are willing to accept
  • I think the price difference has less to do with proximity to the train and more to do with proximity to prospect park. But it does seem like everything around there will rise in price pretty rapidly one of the first condo dev. in the area was near the hopsital and kings county nurseries on NY Ave; I believe they wanted over 1m for a 3br. 

    While this area lags other parts of brooklyn in terms of development, it doesn't have much to hold it back. Unlike bed stuy there aren't any housing projects, the competition didn't exist from families purchasing (gosh because it's not a brownstone!), and the sellers are getting really solid returns - because they bought decades ago. 

    I got my house by BK college 4 years ago and it's skyrocketed because the developers are buying everything in sight. At first they would just reno the house and flip it to a family (nice renos too: central air, keep some details etc.). Then they started doing gut renos. Then they started doing teardowns. Just this year they're building.  But in that 4 year time frame I've watched the demographics on the train shift A LOT. I would guess the average age was low 50's on the 2/5 at Flatbush junction at 830am, now it's probably mid 30's. I've also noticed the shift from blue collar workers to white collar. I see a fair amount of suits. And yes racial make up is also changing, but the age and job type have changed in every racial category so it seems like there is a large permanent shift in the way people look at Flatbush. 

    I guess my point is people are down with ugly if ugly is cheap. Flatbush is still pretty cheap but that's changing pretty quickly.