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Brooklyn Yoga Collective to close at the end of the month

Along with the many changes along Franklin ave, a 1st wave gentrifying business is being pushed out. A friend told me the Brooklyn Yoga Collective, which is i think "pay what you can," failed to renew its lease and is closing down. Apparently the person renting the space (living outside of NY) owns a building elsewhere on Franklin ave but i don't know where, and it didn't sound like they were willing to move the studio there. They may have a much more lucrative tenant wherever their building is.

I wonder if Michael de Zayas is pleased. I've never been to this place, though i remember when it opened. It has a nice backyard, too, which in time may become a back patio for another restaurant.


  • Oh no! I loved the Yoga Collective. Maybe it will come to Nostrand...
  • I wouldn't mind if it moved a little south on Franklin. South of eastern on Franklin needs some loving.
  • This was a Mike Kunsinsky project. He used run Launch Pad.

    Regardless, it leaves behind a pretty prime space.

    And, yes, a neighborhood that has the means and desire to pay for market rate yoga.
  • Last day is Monday.
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