Yet another housing mtg, Wednesday, May 10th — Brooklynian

Yet another housing mtg, Wednesday, May 10th


  • Disability rent reduction? Senior Citizen Rent Increase exemption? clearly a bait and switch as this poster is giving false hopes. Sad, it is not offering
    real improvements on the housing situations.
  • Yes, I do get the sense that the local politicians and the CB are requesting everyone show up, even though the help they have to offer will only apply to a subset.

    Some folks would be best helped by moving to a far cheaper locale, and getting really good advice on how to achieve this massive life change.
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    Brad Landers started his political career in Park Slope with a similar poster offer 18 years ago. "the no displacement zone" and look at him now, sitting pretty as 'a man for the people', yet none of these promises were realizable for him either.
  • Often, one does not need to appear credible, only empathetic.
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