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838 Dean (near Grand) to become a jukebox rental store

The home of the New York Jukebox Company. They plan to rent jukeboxes for parties, complete with the records of your choice. Reportedly not open yet. Photo not by me. A compliant use of the M1 zone. image


  • Looks like they open June 6th. http://nyjuke.com/
  • I am simultaneously thinking this is crazy and also want to throw a party and rent one of these.
  • The buildings in the M1 zone can't become bars or restaurants, but are near increasingly wealthy (aging, white) areas. This is a niche business that seems like it will cater to people setting up their husband's 75th birthday party. ....not a bad location for it.
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    And all the quarters can pay the cost of the rental. But seriously, does no one have a CD player or even a record player any more. I must have a couple hundred vinyl and 700 albums on cassette and about 400 on CD. Guess not many have the space to store it all. The delivery charge in a four story walk up probably will cost more than the rental fee unless they're restricting it to ground floor or designated rental halls.
  • Using "I Heart Radio" or a similar app, one can select a playlist from a given time period and play it on an existing system. As a result, this business model is for nostalgia. 50th HS Reunions. Retirements, etc. Also, movie sets. These folks will pay for delivery. Not going to be many house parties on the customer list for the reasons you mention.
  • Happy Days all over again. Maybe they'll have a "Fonz" impersonator.
  • Elvis fans are getting too old to dance and drink. ...this does seem like a fit for the Erasmus high school Class of 1967. This would be their 50th reunion year, and they should be around 68 this year.
  • I bet this business would take issue with the notion nostalgia items only appeal to those with actual nostalgia for them. These guys are not just hoping for clients that never knew records, they're hoping for clients that never knew Napster.
  • Yes, I suspect they will welcome all customers
  • What's next a telegraph office?
  • Jukeboxes in bars (and yes that's still a business) are not owned by the bars, they are owned by leasing operators. Would not be surprised if this party-rental business is part of one of those operator companies, looking for a new revenue stream.
  • Those fake jukeboxes often use mp3s. These use 45s.
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