Those lovable delivery guys you make way for.... — Brooklynian

Those lovable delivery guys you make way for....

quoted from>>>>>>; Bike lanes and properly used bicycle equipment may reduce the risk of fatalities : Wear a helmet Obey traffic signs and signals Be visible: use front and rear lights and bright-colored clothing at night Ride in the same direction as traffic Use bike lanes whenever possible Use extra caution when: riding near buses or trucks going through intersections or making turns riding near parked cars with opening doors Yield to people walking Never ride on sidewalks Never wear headphones Rights and Obligations of Employers: City law requires businesses to supply their delivery personnel with helmets and other safety devices. The law also requires that commercial bike riders wear helmets while cycling on the job. Employers must provide each bicycle delivery worker with: A helmet that meets city safety standards A Lamp A Bell Brakes Reflectors Below is a complete list of The City of New York Rules and Regulations, regarding the commercial use of bike, cycle, and bicycle messengers NYC DOT Rules and Regulations for Commercial Bicycle Operators Below are brochures, developed by the City of New York, on how to stay safe and to help protect employees Bike Safety Card for Delivery Workers Other languages: [ Español][ 中文] end quote. ____________ interesting law here: nyc shootout Personally, I don't mind to wait alittle longer if they keep to the streets.


  • All the laws in the world won't stop those idiots from weaving in and out of traffic, riding on the sidewalk and running red lights but it will always be the fault of the person in the automobile.
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