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Flatbush popups cont. — Brooklynian

Flatbush popups cont.

I'm starting a new thread here. The first facade of the Martense St pop-ups is completed and it doesn't look half bad. IMG_2991


  • Wow! I wonder how they will accommodate ADA access? Any new build three units and higher require one unit to be accessible.
  • I wonder that too. I think it's going to have no stoop, a ground floor entrance, and an elevator.
  • Do you know if ADA access applies to Alt 1 renovations? This was a 2 story building that has been altered, so technically not a new building from the ground up. Maybe that's a way around ADA requirements?
  • Still required. Sometimes they file them as a giant two family and then illegally convert after they get a c of o
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    This one doesn't look as good to me. Martense between Nostrand and Rogers. I don't mind the addition not matching the facade, but it seems like they really skimped on window size on the new floors. Makes it look cheap.
  • A bump out would have been nice, but I guess they have a deck instead?
  • The fifth floor may have a deck, but the fourth floor just has a window on the right side, not a door (obscured in this picture).
  • 129, 153, 173 Martense are done but still empty. 140 Martense is underway. Permits just filed for 131 and 150 Martense to get similar treatment.
  • 271 Martense is underway and 221 and 223 just filed for enlargements (from 2 stories to 5 stories. )