Shooting at Bedford and Union, Tuesday, 10/17/2017, 8:40 PM — Brooklynian


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    It now seems 4 were shot at Rogers and Martense in Flatbush, and an additional two were shot at Union and Rogers. Unknown if related incidents.
  • Maybe one of those protests will help?
  • Wow, 6 people shot? That's crazy.
  • I parked my car on this corner 20 minutes before this incident.
  • I heard it out my window facing Union. There were two separate incidents it sounded like, maybe 15 minutes apart. One on Bedford, and one on Rogers... and seemed to occur way before 8:30pm. Scary. I'd speculate this might be related to the deli shooting a couple weeks ago on Franklin and Lincoln? Or any of the shootings around Franklin and EP. I guess only those involved would really know.
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    This report states only one person was shot at Bedford and Union: "Around the same time, a gunman shot a 27-year-old man in the neck and shoulder at Bedford Ave. and Union St. in Crown Heights, police said. Medics took him to Kings County Hospital in stable condition. A police source said the victim and the shooter squared off after an argument on the street. “The gunman lets seven go. He was hit once in the shoulder from the back,” the source said.
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    NYPD has arrested the suspect, or merely someone armed that was nearby. Time will tell: "Police arrested Anthony Fuller, 23, a few blocks away carrying a loaded Kel-Tec 9mm pistol, police said. Fuller, of Crown Heights, was arrested for weapons possession, but hadn't yet been charged with assault, police said Wednesday morning."
  • There were definitely two separate incidents of gunshots on Union and Bedford (or Union and Rogers... tough to tell with the echo coming off the Armory) spaced about 15 minutes apart at that time. Perhaps the first round didn't hit any targets, and therefore wasn't picked up by police reports. But someone was on a rampage, because they both sounded exactly the same... exact same tempo and exact same gunshot sound. Maybe 7 "pops" each time. Seems too early to show up on CompStat 2.0. I wonder if there is a map showing the locations of ShotSpotter sensors?
  • Not to be coy, but I'm sure the NYPD has a map of them. However, the public may be left with just general descriptions of what precincts have them.
  • A shooting took place nearby (Rogers and Sullivan) over the weekend.
  • I was awakened by gunshots at Bedford & Union last night at 2:37am. I didn't hear sirens afterward, so I guess no one was injured. But I'd find it surprising that the NYPD wouldn't already have ShotSpotter sensors in this area. Or it was gang-on-gang related, and not worth the NYPD waking up the neighborhood with sirens.
  • Encouraging everyone to please report gun fire when you hear it. It's possible the police were never aware (although I would also hope that there is shot sensors are in the area!).
  • This is the number of the 71st Precinct's community affairs person, Vincent Martinos. 718-221-3428 He's very responsive but seems to think that things are better this year than last year.
  • This is his email: Please call 911 anytime you hear or see something. It's important for their records and stats and helps get attention to the matter (immediate and longer term) faster. There is a definite UPTICK in recent shootings in the area and during the daytime too. Stay safe and be a good community member by reporting such matters.
  • The area still has an active drug trade and some petty territorial disputes stemming from that and general idiocy. While the police will help, the local economic changes are likely to deal a significant blow to the scene.
  • For all the hooting and hollering about gentrification it hasn't seemed to make significant change. I just downloaded the app citizen, which has police activity updates and could be very helpful in finding out what's happening outside your door. This is, of course, if people are actually reporting problems...
  • FWIW, I'm always reporting to the police. I often feel like I'm the only one in my building, since problems run rampant, and people love to complain to each other more so than taking action to do something constructive about it.
  • Is it your sense that the local trade is supported mostly by people who live in the immediate area? Or, have the blocks become a destination for people seeking something they can't obtain elsewhere? (I go to Chinatown regularly for Dim Sum... )
  • I wouldn't have any idea if businesses in this area have garnished a reputation on the level of Manhattan Dim Sum.
  • @yesbrooklyn - You are wrong. It is clearly yuppies and their $5 lattes that are causing the problems in the community
  • Sometimes I go to Brooklyn's Chinatown to get my fix.
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    For all the hooting and hollering about gentrification it hasn't seemed to make significant change. I just downloaded the app citizen, which has police activity updates and could be very helpful in finding out what's happening outside your door. This is, of course, if people are actually reporting problems...
    While gentrification has made a significant change (these kinds of incidents used to be much more frequent than they are today), I'd imagine that one reason why we're still having problems in that part of Crown Heights has to do with the fact that you still have a lot of gang activity in those areas. True, many gang bangers have been pushed out, but many still remain, with many living in projects/rent-controlled buildings. These people aren't going anywhere soon. I don't know about you, but I'd feel sick to my stomach if I paid well over a million for a property and had to wake up to such news stories of shootings in the area. There used to be similar activity where my folks live in Prospect Heights. Drugs and gangs used to be rampant along parts of Underhill/Washington/etc. But we've definitely seen a SIGNIFICANT decrease in such activity. This isn't to say that we're immune from such activity on this end, but the impact of gentrification has been more pronounced here vs. farther east.
  • pheightsresident--do you feel sick for all of the people who live in this neighborhood, and whose lives are impacted by gun violence, or only those who have purchased $1 million+ homes?
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    photogirl: I've lived in Bed Stuy, Crown Heights, and Prospect Heights well before gentrification. I've been nearly hit by gunfire walking down Nostrand Avenue and my family members have been victims of violent crime. People like me who have lived through that hell were and remain sick of that nonsense. Having written that, I do not feel that my earlier statement needs clarification. It speaks for itself.
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    The area has sort of become odd because it is such an island of drug activity and crime. Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 8.42.26 PM Its North lacks these issues. Its South (including Ebbets apartments) has radically improved, Washington Ave between Empire and Eastern is now largely coops and condos, and once you get East of Rogers the housing density falls.
  • I've also been using the citizen app and there's been just as many reports of violence on the North side of Eastern Parkway lately, with much of it centering around Franklin and Lincoln Place. It's a little unusual, as the South side of Franklin generally is a bit more violent than the North side. I agree that gang activity is the primary culprit for most of this. All the more reason to remain a recluse.
  • Disturbing that so much violence is happening. I wonder if it is gang activity that has always existed, and is just being reported more frequently, or if there has been a material shift towards more violence or the movement of other gangs towards the area. The big apartment buildings in the immediate Franklin Ave area -- north and south of eastern parkway -- just seem to be hotbeds of problematic activity.
  • The micro neighborhoods stick out more now.
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