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Industry City confuses me

Just reading about a latest addition to industry city with semi-excitement and semi-confusion. If you've never been out there, it's a pretty amazing place for food or festivals, but I can't understand why anyone would dare open a store front so far away from trains, or, well, an abundance of spendy people. For me, the thought of going out there to peruse the brooklyn flea, or visit a hip butcher is so exhausting. It's like a once a summer bike ride novelty, which for that, I'm glad it's there. But why is it there? Does anyone see the logic better than me.


  • It's only a block away from the 4th Ave. R line so it's not far from trains, and it's still quite historic since it was a huge army terminal in WW II. Until Giulani had all those laws passed about house of ill repute being within 500 feet of basically anything that whole area was populated by stripper bars and prostitutes plying their trade under the Gowanus. Just because you don't feel like biking from Prospect Heights it doesn't mean that people with cars won't come.
  • I would like someone to draw one of those diagrams that has people in brooklyn who own cars in one circle, and in the other circle people who travel long distances to spend $16 on a food item they have to eat standing up, so we could gaze at that sliver of cross-over between them.
  • There are a lot of new restaurants catering to the weekday lunchtime crowd of people who work in Industry City.
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