8 Gunshots nr Classon & Lincoln @650pm Sat 10/21 — Brooklynian

8 Gunshots nr Classon & Lincoln @650pm Sat 10/21

Heard 8 gunshots near Classon & Lincoln at exactly 650pm this eve (Sat 10/21), then within a minute car tires squeeling, then nypd cars & sirens racing down Lincoln toward Washington. All followed by ambulances and more NYPD cars & helicopter circling w spotlight. Anyone know what happened? Im guessing more teenage gang insanity ...


  • It has now been more than 1 hour since the gun shots, and I've seen no reports of injuries. ...so, this may be simply an instance of a person (or people) firing gun on a roof into the sky or distance...
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    I sort of wonder if the shells found on that roof betw Wash & Underhill were a coincidence and not related to this event. I heard tires squeeling and saw two teens running like hell at Classon and lincoln immediately after the shots.
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