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406 Rogers Ave - Glou

In another thread someone mentioned how Oaxaca didn't last more than a year at a new location, and it went down the same way at 406 Rogers Ave (maybe it lasted a year and a half). It did not surprise me with their lack of quality. Looks like Glou will be a wine bar at that location. This excites me since I live one block away. Anyone know when it will open?


  • Went there on Saturday night, very sparse decor with billiards table-type lighting at the bar area. They had just stopped serving food, so we did not have an opportunity to taste anything. Had a glass of wine and listened to a lot of Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jefferson Airplane from a server's phone. Spoke with one of the owners (Jeff) who said that they have the rear space of that building as well, which has an entrance on Sterling Street (they're not connected via the interior - this used to be a funeral home before Oaxaca). Jeff claimed that the back will primarily be open as a cafe during the day, and that Glou will open around 5:00pm during the week.
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