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271 Lenox Rd, "hello lenox" — Brooklynian

271 Lenox Rd, "hello lenox"

I searched and could not seem to find a thread for this particular Hello Living enterprise, on the corner of Lenox Rd and Nostrand Ave. It's been looking fairly completed for a while now (the fence is down and you can walk up to the very ugly entrance) but today i noticed listings! However, they're rental listings, not condos like most Hello Living projects have been. what's up with that?


  • Far out. I don't know what's up with Hello Living - they were supposed to develop the 23 story Nostrand Ziggurat tower but I heard they are trying to sell the site. Usually opting to go rentals instead of condo means a soft condo market but seems like condos would have done fine.
  • Their website does suggest some changes for the Nostrand spot... maybe they are rethinking their life choices?
  • That's not Prospect-Lefferts Garden, at least on the Nostrand side. It's Flatbush and always has been, right?
  • Yup, Hello Lenox is definitely Flatbush but bordering on PLG.