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Good Coffee in Brooklyn Heights

I originally posted this in the Brooklyn Heights forum but after being up for a week with no responses I'm left to conclude that the coffee in Brooklyn Heights must be crap.

I'm trying to find a decent cup of coffee in Brooklyn Heights in order to help me kick-start the work day.

So far I've tried 3 different places (City Market plus the two delis on Remsen) and they've all disappointed me. All have very thin, bitter coffee.

I hate to sound like a coffee snob but I use either Gorilla Coffee or beans from D'Amico at home and the 3 places I've tried just don't even come close.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


  • Connecticut Muffin is all right, but more for the ambiance. If you're a coffee snob, it might not satisfy you. The consolation is their tasty desserts.
  • Unfortunately it is mobbed around 3 -4 pm when the St. Ann's kids get out of school (as is the Starbucks). They travel in mobs and can get pretty obnoxious. So also try Tazza on Clark St. (across from the Clark St. subway station); there is another branch on Atlantic @ either Hicks or Henry.
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