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Transferring my Eastern Athletic Membership

Hi - I am looking to transfer my Eastern Athletic membership, valid until June 2006 for a balance of $540
Pls let me know if someone is interested. Thx


  • You're not the same person as this, right?

    Why does Eastern Athletic let people do this, and why do people want to? Seems like most clubs would just say "oh, too bad for you if you can't use the club anymore, you already paid."
  • No, I didn't realize there was someone else.
    I read in their policy that you could transfer it if the new person is not a member already. (they only refund if you have moved away)
  • My membership at EAC expires on 10/31/05. I've already contacted the other person who posted here on his and haven't heard back as of yet. If that doesn't work out, I'd be interested in purchasing yours. Is it still available? How can I contact you? C.
  • Subject: i'm interested

    you can contact me at
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