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1 BR in Prospect Heights?

I am looking to rent a full 1 BR in Prospect Heights, preferably close to but not actually on Vanderbilt Ave. Closer to GAP, the better. You get specific once you've lived in the neighborhood. :)

My preferred move-in date is 11/15, but I can make it 11/1 if need be. Preferred price range is $1300-$1400/mon. I will have one declawed cat. No brokers please. These are all just preferences; I'll settle for what I can get as the move date gets closer...

I am free all next week for viewings, after which I'll be starting a new job. Please PM me if you have any prospects. Thanks, all.


  • There's a 1BR for sale on 15 Butler Pl. 600 sq ft. Hardwood flrs. Yada. Yada. About 125 sq feet is hallway. Get this: They are asking $375000. Fillmore is the agent. I hear Bushwick is cheap.
  • Thank God I'm not trying to buy. Sheesh. Not that I have any interest in returning to FL, but the 1000 sq ft condo I left in Tampa was $325/month. That was for the mortgage and condo fee...
  • Welcome to Brooklyn, NY my friend.

    These days it's cheaper to rent than buy! Rents have not gone up at the same pace purchase prices have. I suspect those who predict housing price adjustments will be seen in the near future are on point (Greenspan). Although in our neighborhood - I think it will be a matter of price stabilization rather than downward adjustment)...
  • Yeah, that was just for comparison. When I left StrollerLand (aka Park Slope) three years ago, my 600sqft 1 br was $1550. So yeah, I've had my time to get adjusted to the prices here.

    I'm not getting any responses, so I'm looking at what brokers are listing as well, as well as (cue tears) non-PH areas, like Fort Greene.
  • Look in Ditmas Park. Be a pioneer!
  • Lewis and Clark were pioneers. Unless Ditmas Park is some wilderness area, I don't think it's quite the same. ;)
  • Surely you could find a 1-bedroom in your price range near Washington, no? Classon?
  • Carnivore wrote: Surely you could find a 1-bedroom in your price range near Washington, no? Classon?
    I'm sure I can find all kinds of things. I figured I'd post here first in an effort to get as close as poss to my ideal place. Since I already know all the merchants I frequent here on Vanderbilt, I'd love it if I could stay within spitting distance, ya know? So please lemme know if you see anything likely--Washington and anywhere else in PH included. I can spend lots of time next week looking at places. My unemployed free time is coming to an end, though...

    And don't call me Shirley. :)
  • My large 1 1/2 bedroom on Vandy will be empty by month's end. I'm not sure if the landlord will be increasing the rent from $1550 or remodeling it as a real two bedroom. If you could pay $1550 I could pass the word along to them that I found someone for the same rent.
  • hi, there is a 1bdrm in my building for rent. it's at 762 Dean st across from Tavern on Dean and Purity diner, and it has (ready for this??) dishwasher, giant rooftop deck, hardwood floors, awesome kitchen with fridge that has water in the door, and washer/dryer in building. separate bedroom and living area. $1500. i love it here. brand new building, super nice landlord, plus we could split our wireless internet with you!!
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  • Subject: Keep 'em comin'.

    Still looking, y'all. I'll post here when I've actually signed a lease. Thanks to those who've replied and PM'd me so far.

    It's been amusing to see what brokers will claim to be Prospect Heights. I think I can understand trying to say that Classon and Eastern Parkway is PH, but my favorite was for an ad for the Ditmas Park area which didn't mention DP, instead saying "Prospect Heights is your backyard!" Wha?

    Also, the surefire way to destroy the profession of real estate broker would be to outlaw the use of exclamation points...
  • Subject: Looking as well for 2 weeks later


    In case anyone knows of anything, I'm also looking for a PH 1BR, $1300-1600, but 2 weeks later -- Nov 30th, or Nov 15th if it's really good.. I'd definitely appreciate any leads.

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    apartment searching is painful. yesterday i was relatively positive about it but today i am in want-to-tear-hair-out mode. if you find anything in the $1100-$1300 range that isn't large enough for you please do share...and i'll do the same. i'm looking for 11/1 move or my cat and i are on the street.
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