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Private Party October 30, see below

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 4:02 am Post subject: Private Party Occtober 30 - Happy Halloween


A friend of mine has rented a private space in the west village in order to host a private halloween party.
You need to obtain a password and be placed on the guest list before October 27.
Call Garrett at 516-885-5053 to get the information required for admission.
"Den of Inequity" -
Excess is Everything!
10.00 cover charge
live New Orleans band
Everyone's welcome!


  • Awesome! I've been looking for a place to release the 350 rats I rescued yesterday from a life of testicular cancer injections.
  • if you bring the 350 rats, I bet you could get in for free :D
  • Are there other costs aside from the cover?
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