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Where to have brunch today before going to Brooklyn Museum

A bunch of us are heading to the museum and I can't seem to think of a good brunch spot that isn't too far away - either park slope or prospect heights. any ideas guys? Hurry!!!


  • here's a quick list

    chavella's (classon and park) -- cheap, good mexican.

    cheryl's (underhill and lincoln) -- pricier, but people like it. i've never eaten there myself

    teddy's (washington and ?st johns?) -- cheap, lots of food, but more lunch-y

    abigail (classon and st johns) -- pricier, mixed reviews on this site. haven't been there
  • I second Chavella's. Great brunch.
  • I'd go to Cheryls -- good standard brunchy stuff with a little twist, and sweets like bread pudding.

    Love Chavella's but have not had brunch there . . .
  • Taqueria de los Muertos on Washington & St. Marks (?) is great as well.
  • oh, forgot to say i rather like the brunch at gen (wash & st marks). they open at noon. japanese, so not your usual brunch fare, but not limited to sushi. very nice, especially if you can sit in the garden in back.
  • I don't love the Cheryl's brunch because there are only a couple of fully savory options. however, their bloody mary is the one of the best in the nabe.

    gen has the most unusual brunch out there, really, in terms of what you can find around brooklyn and nyc. however, I can't deal with that amount of sashimi in the AM or early afternoon so I like going with food junkie friends. I adore the little egg things they make. oh, and the soup sometimes has eggplant in it which I'm allergic to so I now change it out for miso without bothering to figure out what is in the soup that particular day.

    I think beast also has a solid brunch. their bloody mary is great and their scallops are delicious.

    as you can tell, I prefer savory brunch items. haven't tried chavella's for brunch but a nice walk to tacos matatmoros is worth the trouble (it's in sunset park) - you can cut through the cemetary. they had bbq goat yesterday that was amazingly delicious.
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