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Pram Stroller by Bumbleride Queen B for sale $250/OBO

Im selling my Bumbleride Queen B pram stroller with the toddler seat included. I bought this stroller a year ago and used it maybe 4-5 times. This stroller still retails for about $450 and thats without the toddler seat. The toddler seat sells for $70 so Im actually giving you a greaaaaat deal here. This is a classy pram stroller that can be used as a single or double stroller. The wheels on this stroller are very sturdy which is excellent for city streets. It has a large cart underneath for storage. It can be positioned to have a newborn facing you or a toddler facing the world with an extra seat that is detachable for a big brother or sister to ride along as well. The color is a warm brown called koa which can be used for both genders. My stroller is very clean in mint condition. Please email me any questions you may have, I will promptly respond because I want to get rid of this baby because my babies arent babies anymore lol.


  • Is your stroller still available to purchase?
  • I am in Iowa City, IA. Will you ship?
  • I dont mind shipping it but the box is kinda huge and the toddler seat has its own separate box so thats 2 shipments. Would you like me to find out the shipping cost and let you know?
  • Yes, thank you.
  • Subject: shipping costs?

    Just checking in to see if you have any ideas on shipping costs?
  • Hi, I went ahead and did some searching for shipping costs. I entered weights and dimensions from a site that sells the stroller at the US post office site. Shipping rates for parcel post looked like they would be around $30 from Brooklyn to Iowa City which gave me the estimate I needed to make my decision.

    Is the stroller still available?

    The post says it is in mint condition. Any problems or flaws I should know about?

    I am interested in purchasing if you are willing to ship (I'll pay the shipping cost)

    Look forward to hearing from you.
  • this may be the slowest, most tedious commercial transaction I have ever witnessed. If you don't hurry, the kid won't need a stroller b/c they'll be walking.
  • Because I'm overly cautious, I'll suggest that the seller make sure she's not being scammed: we're on a local message board and this person is asking you to ship it to another state. If he/she is offering to pay via check/money order, be sure to cash it before shipping or consider using paypal or a form of payment that protects the both of you. And, seller, insure the package if you choose to sell/ship.

    I don't know the person offering to buy, so this is not a personal attack on that individual.

    Check out the craigslist scam:
  • I am more than happy to use paypal to protect us both...and I intend to insure the stroller if shipped.
  • Oh thanx for getting that shipping info for me. I had a local family who wanted to purchase which wouldve been easier for me thats why it took me so long to respond but I havent gotten back word from them yet so here I am. Btw thanx for the advice I have been kind of skeptical because I thought this was a Brooklyn forum and someone in Iowa is contacting me but nonetheless Im just happy to sell this Bumbleride to someone who needs it. I forgot to mention that there is a pump that came with it for the tires so let me kno if u want that piece as well. Otherwise im ready to ship this week if all is well.
  • Hi, I don't see any reply from the lady from Iowa. Maybe you haven't shipped the stroller yet. I am not to far from Brooklyn, I would like to take a look at it. You would not have the trouble of having to ship it to another state and I would be able to pay cash. Please contact me when you receive this. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • I am ready to purchase...please stick with me...sorry for the extra hassle with the shipping...what do I need to do so we can proceed?
  • I can offer you $300 + shipping, but would need to use paypal for the transaction. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Hello is this carriage still available
  • Um did you notice this thread is from 2010?
  • I forgot how funny this thread was. I wonder what happened with Strollerless in Iowa.
  • Um did you notice this thread is from 2010?
    She collects vintage strollers as a hobby.
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