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motivation desperately needed — Brooklynian

motivation desperately needed

I want to exercise, I need to exercise. I can't seem to get myself to exercise. I seem to have some sort of phobia which paralyzes me and I can't even get started! Does any one have any kind advise that might help me get going?


  • You need a goal/encouragement. Plus a routine. For example, if there's something I don't want to do, but I allow myself a small treat afterwards, like a coffee or something, or a special snack or a little trinket from a store I like, then I feel more motivated to do it. Find an interesting spot (a park, a cafe you want to try, a museum) to go to that's bikable/walkable/runnable from your house...make a date to meet a friend there (so you can't flake out!) and get there on your own power. That way, you'll be motivated and rewarded to get up and go.

    Also, I find that if I set aside specific time for an activity, (for example, my major exercise time is Thursday at 2pm) and even more so if I spend money on that time (for example I take a class that involves exercise) I'm much more likely to do it, and I don't have to think about it because every day/week I know that's my exercise time.

    And finally, do it socially! Join a game/sport pick up group that you like, like kickball or dodgeball or soccer. Or badminton if you're sports challenged like me. Making it less about you and more about fun seems to help.

    Good luck, hope that helps!

    - Max
  • Maxthegirl's advice is excellent! Start small, make it fun, and then work your way up to something more complicated. Give it time and patience. Going for a walk is a good place to start. Try to estimate how far you can go and begin with that, increasing it gradually so that you challenge yourself. You could also do some simple exercises at home (e.g. sit ups, jumping jacks, stretches). Set a basic schedule for yourself, such as three days per week, and see how that works for you. Once you begin to feel the benefits, you'll likely want to do it more often.
  • I found that it was easier for me to get started if I registered for a class. Having the certainty of knowing that 1) I had a set time on my schedule each week for the activity, 2) I had paid for it and would be wasting money if I didn't go 3) it had a definite beginning and ending date which meant if I hated the instructor or activity I could switch really helped me. It also means that it will be somewhat social as you're with the same people for 3-4 months.

    I worked my way through most of the Adult Ed classes at NYU (back when you could do sports and fitness through adult ed) as well as classes at Baruch. I found them to be reasonably priced and easy to get to. You may want to consider this as an option.
  • Thank you all for your encouraging words. I will try to be kinder to myself and start slow without expectations. Once I work up to it, I love the idea of classes at NYU or Baruch. I would have never thought of that and it's a great alternative to a year commitment to a gym. I think I'm going to do some sit-ups while watching TV tonight!
  • I am interested in the replies too, sigh. ](*,)
  • Just look at a picture of Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan and you'll be working out in minutes.
  • Not really....I am just fine thank you. Gheesh!
  • Walkathon, you're right! I'm doubling those sit-ups tonight!
  • Try my zumba class! its a great workout dance routine!
    wednesdays and fridays at
    339 8th street
    its $5.00 for the first class
  • I agree with starting small. You don't need to work yourself to the bone from the start.

    Walking around is a great idea - I like to look up interesting landmarks within a certain # of blocks or mile radius. Most recently I scheduled my run to make sure I would go past that LeGrande house mentioned in the other thread... :-' I also see running, walking, and biking as opportunities to check out other neighborhoods or parts of the neighborhood I wouldn't otherwise visit. There's a lot of interesting architecture and it's fun to happen upon various community gardens, etc.

    I liked the recommendation above to meet a friend at a destination and physically get yourself there. That's ONE good thing to do. But I also like just going around alone and finding landmarks to check out, but not stopping at them, so you can exercise and not worry about being sweaty or showing up for a lunch date in sweaty tank top and sneakers...

    I also decided not to do exercises I hate or find boring. I refuse to do situps or anything because I hate them. I don't exercise until I'm exhausted or nauseous, but just until I feel more energetic and bouncy. If the weather is horrible or I am not feeling that great, I go for a walk instead of a run. Or I bike casually/cruisingly instead of pedaling really hard. Some light exercise is still better than no exercise.

    If the weather sucks I jump rope while watching TV (my roommate's tv... I never watch it unless I am exercising and she has some weird complex system set up and I cannot figure out how to change channels... so even if I get stuck watching something horrible like "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" it's still interesting...)

    I got a fanny pack for my keys, iphone, for when I go walking/running. And always carry a water bottle so I don't have the "I'm dehydrated/no money!" excuse.

    I also use a quick walk, run or bike as a time filler between 8:30AM-10AM when I need to move my car... move car @ 830, then get back home by 10 to put it back!
  • madvera wrote: Try my zumba class! its a great workout dance routine!
    wednesdays and fridays at
    339 8th street
    its $5.00 for the first class
    One of my friends is obsessed with zumba, it's actually really annoying, that's all she talks about. I'll probably break down and take a class. Do you do anything closer to North Slope? What are the class times again? What do you need to bring?