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What your favorite Restaurant in Bay Ridge/Dyker/Bensonhurst

I've lived in Dyker Heights for the last 3yrs but when i eat out, I usually head to Cobble hill, Dumbo or Brooklyn Heights. I feel like i should be supporting my local restaurants. What are your restaurants in Bay Ridge/Dyker/Bensonhurst area?


  • Salty Dog and Mezcals :)
  • Elia at 3rd ave between 86th and 87th st
    Tomaso's on 86th Street and Bay 8th Street (by 15th and 14th Avenue).
    Ortabello's on Bay Parkway and 64th Street

    Elia on 3rd Avenue right off 86th Street
    Agnanti on 5th Avenue right off 78th Street

    SKINFLINTS FOR BURGERS - down the block on 5th Avenue from Agnanti

    Nouvelle on 3rd Avenue off 87th Street

    CHINESE - go up to 8th Avenue in the high 40's/low 50's
  • Subject: eats

    Living Room Lounge on 86
  • I've enjoyed meals at:

    Villa Fiorita 7720 18th Avenue traditional Italian, best mussels in Brooklyn.

    Il Colosseo, a bit more adventurous Italian where the specials are really special. at 7704 18th on the same block as Fiorita. Il Colosseo also has real brick oven pizza

    Villa Paradiso is classic Italian with singing on weekends they are at 1969 Bath Avenue

    Meze is great Greek at 6601 13th Avenue, Brooklyn

    Jamie Lynn's Kitchen at 1504 86th Street has not disappointed, their burgers are really good too.
  • Meze is very good...

    My top 10 list:

    1- Tommaso (86 street)
    2- Sofia Res ( 3rd Ave & 84st)
    3- My Thai ( 3rd Ave & 77st)
    4- New Corner Res ( 8th & 72nd)
    5-Tuscany Grill ( 87th and 3rd)
    6- Grenhouse Cafe ( 77 and 3rd)
    7- Yellowhook Grill ( 68st and 3rd)
    8- Meze ( 66 & 13)
    9- The Village( New place) (79 street &3rd)
    10-Jean Danet Brick Oven Pizza ( 76 and 5th)
  • that Malaysian joint on 86th st and something ave. forget the name or ave... around 20 something.
  • Hmmmm

    Been there long?
  • Diagonally across from Outback on 86th Street is a place called Kitchen or Jamie Lynn's Kitchen. Tapas style restaurant. Nice outdoor seating in the back. Prices are moderate and the staff is pleasant. Definitely try the chicken salad crustini.

    After being in this area for over 8 years my frustration is when you think of places to go/order in from, there are not a lot of unique options. There are several great Italian places. Europa on 65th and 20th is pretty good with a more upscale setting but again -- another Italian place. The Living Room is lovely but pricey. I do like that I can have that kind of dining experience in the neighborhood without traveling to Luger's or a steak house in Manhattan.

    Kitchen for us is cool because it is very unique to this area. I like that I can take a colleague there for a work lunch, go out to dinner with my husband or even go with the family for a birthday dinner which means we have a 5 year old with us. They make him pizza (not normally on the menu and made with a tortilla but he gives it two big thumbs up).
  • Japanese- ariang

    turkish - istanbul, bay parkway
    sahara,Ave T
    Fountain Cafe,Atlantic Ave, near 4th ave

    Spanish- casa pepe

    New Corner's
    Fast food- Spumoni Gardens

    Malaysian- by 23rd Ave, across from large HSBC bank

    Vietnamese - Pho Hoai, by 23rd ave

    Colombian- Bogota Bistro, 5th ave

    Are there any Indian (not too spicy), French, and Mexican (more than tacos, I've been to many places in city) in Brooklyn.
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