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Speed bump on 23rd St. between 6th 7th Ave?

From he CCGH newsgroup:


I was notified by CB7 that DOT has authorized the installation of a speed bump on 23rd St. btwn 6th and 7th Aves, location TBD. I was told DOT had received several letters from families on the block.

There will be a meeting of CB7's Transportation Committee in the next few weeks to discuss the merits of the speed bump (or lack there of) and whether the committee and Board should support the installation (or not).

Historically CB7 has not approved speed bumps in the past 6-7 years as there was an issue with a bump being installed after an accident, then to be petitioned to be removed a year later due to excessive noise.

While I cannot speak for the committee, nor the Board, personally I feel this is a topic that should be discussed by EVERYONE who lives on our street, not a decision to be made by a few families.

I understand the thought process behind the request and the reality it "may" slow down traffic on the block. There is a secondary condition to this: noise from cars/trucks hitting the bump, sanitation trucks making additional noise as the attempt to get over them (we are a block that leads to the highest point in Brooklyn) and the issue with plowing during the winter (think about this year's snowmageddon).

Regardless whether you feel it is a good idea, or not a good idea, I am a firm believer of discussion (if you have not noticed) and debate by the ENTIRE block. I will also be fwding this to Green-Wood, as they are also a neighbor on the block (the largest one).

This e-mail is the first step towards a block-wide (and community wide, as it will affect traffic patterns) discussion prior to the Transportation Committee hearing.

I encourage folks to voice their opinions.

Thoughts on this?


  • is there really that much traffic on your block? I wish there were a few speed bumps on 6th by the school and playground. I can't believe how fast the "car service" cars speed by when there are so many children on the sidewalks.

  • Was not passing judgment and I agree with 6th Ave near the school. Traffic is crazy in the morning and late afternoon on 23rd St, period.

  • I am not a fan of speed bumps as they are loud and only work if there are multiple ones which only increases the noise. I think what we need are better and more visible signs. like "x-ing" or "children at play"

  • Having lived in NYC (in 4 boroughs) for a total of 50 years, I have witnessed a number of accidents and near hits in my lifetime between cars and pedestrians. All of them were due to speeding cars on residential streets. There's no reason why every residential street (not Avenues) should have at least one speed bump. I'm sure the NYPD, the NYFD and Sanitation wouldn't like this any more than regular drivers but c'est la vie. Crossing signs, children playing signs, stop signs, etc. are usually treated like they don't exist by many drivers. When you go to other cities around the world most don't give cars the right of the way all of the time as we seem to do in this city.

  • CB7's transportation committee is having a public discussion the speed bumps on 23rd St (and other areas) at the Board office, Tuesday, May 3 at 6:30pm (according to a CCGH post)

  • Forgot to repost. From 5/5/11 via CCGH list:

    Very good turn out from the 23rd St. block at the meeting. Everyone spoke of their concerns about speed and traffic calming, but the majority of the folks thought the committee should vote in favor the speed hump, even if secondary traffic calming techniques may be applied in the future.

    While I had suggested tabling the vote until the entire block could meet with DOT, it seemed too long to wait, since we found out DOT does not have one, but many, traffic calming departments (such as stop signs, which we still can't seem to get...anyway). Folks had strong feelings the vote should not be postponed, so the committee (being impressed by the turn out, as was I) voted in favor of the speed hump on 23rd St. (between 6th and 7th Aves.). there were also two other votes on the agenda, one yes for a speed bump on 41st St. (between 6th and 5th Aves adjacent to Sunset Park) and no to a traffic calming proposal by DOT on 11th Ave. in Windsor Terrace.

    It was indicated by the DOT rep the hump(s) (there may be two) will be installed in the next 3-6 months (having dealt with DOT in the past, I would not hold one's collective breath), but we should keep on top of CB7 to keep on top of DOT. Personally, I'd like the block to review the final engineering plans before the project is begun, as most folks felt strongly that the hump should be towards the top of the block in order to be most effective (again, there may be 2).

    I's like to suggest having a meeting of the neighbors on 23rd St. (and the corner of 7th Ave.) in the next month or two to meet with DOT to discuss additional traffic calming techniques in addition to the speed hump(s). What to other folks think?

    And as I said at the meeting, you don't just have to attend a CB7 committee meeting or full Board meeting (third Wed of each month, Sept-June @ 6:30pm), you can attend and work on any of their committees or even apply to become a member.

  • any developments???

  • The one on 22nd btwn 4th/5th is in, so 23rd St. can't be far behind.

  • I wonder where it will be placed.

    Maybe while they are at it they can fix the 2 caves at the 23rd street and 6th ave intersections.

  • If they want the speed hump to be as effective as possible, it needs to be towards the top of the block to address the neighbors who were most concerned. They may put in two.

  • Its been 6 months and still no speed bump!!

  • Its been 6 months and still no speed bump!!

  • Its been 6 months and still no speed bump!!

  • Yep, and we have no idea when they are planning on doing it.

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