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Need good reasonably priced locksmith recommendation

Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced locksmith to install a new lock ? The emergency locksmiths are very expensive. Thanks !


  • All Star Locksmith on Flatbush Ave.

  • I haven't had terrific luck with All Star. I have called the guy who owns Flatbush Hardware, across the street from All Star. I thought he was very affordable, and did a nice job.

  • Installing a new lock on a door is something a child could do. You unscrew the old lock (it's two screws to get it out), and if you bought the same brand as a replacement that's all you need to do. The new one slips in and you put the two screws back.

    If you bought a different brand, you have to remove the latch mechanism, which is two more screws.

    The entire process should not take more than ten minutes if you've never done it before.

    If you're talking about a mortise-type lock for an apartment building entry door, that's a little more complicated and you probably shouldn't attempt it yourself.

  • Lockbusters - flat rates, very responsive and responsible, and serious about what they do.

  • Before the holiday season of last year, I got locked out from my apartment and I called

    Locksmith NYC they came out at 8 Pm in the cold and get me into my apartment, these are very satisfied, Great price as well. ! Would recommend

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