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R train going breakneck speeds under 4th ave?

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We live on 4th ave near 10th st and recently noticed the train has been really barelling through the neighborhood, starting a week or so ago. It seems like an express that goes by 4x an hour. We never used to notice it and are not usually bothered by noise etc, but everything in our house rattles like crazy and its driving us nuts, esp at night. Theres nothing we can do about it right? Anyone else noticed this? Seems unsafe to me.


  • I agree the trains have sounded louder the last week or so. We moved to a ground floor apartment on 4th Avenue in October. I have learned to go into the cabinets to be sure that glasses are not next to each other so I don't hear their clinking together. Every week or so I check the screws on my glass lamps because the vibrations cause them to become loose. It does seem like the train traffic is constant (that is, unless you are waiting for one). I don't think there really is anything that can be done about it. That is one of the many reasons why 4th Avenue never seemed like a great place to live (at least not on the ground floor).
  • If its happening at night, and because of the work on the R train tunnel to Manhattan, I bet its the "worker" trains. Those are the trains that transport the equipment to and from a work site or carry the pumps on them when it floods. Those trains do not have to stop at stations so they probably fly by faster than they should.
  • ah that actually makes a lot of sense. The answer I was looking for. It seems like they are more or less back to normal speed this week, or I've already grown accustomed to it. I was just afraid this was some kind of permanent change to the schedule. I know the D express goes through that 9th ave stop pretty fast too. We un-rattled our liquor cabinet. That helped a lot. We live on the ground floor, with a duplex basement, right on the avenue, so you can imagine it's pretty loud. The price you pay for having a nice and mostly affordable apartment I guess. Can't complain otherwise.
  • My apartment is neither nice nor affordable so consider yourself lucky. I'm waiting for my lease to run out so I can move on.
  • Keep in mind several of the work trains run on diesel and not electricity. SO maybe that's why the rattling has been worse. If it's any consolation you'll eventually get used to the rattling. Try putting some dishtowels between your dishes.
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