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slave graveyard on Dean Street?

The building I live in was just placed on the National Registry of Historic places, like much of North Crown Heights. I was reading through the application ,for this, that described the building I live in and there is unconfirmed evidence  that this block between Bedford and Nostrand may have been part of a slave grave yard from Stuyvesant's Old Farm. Does anyone know more about this fact?


  • I'd contact Tia Powell Harris or one of her staff, at the Weeksville Heritage Center.

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    This might be what you are talking about (top of page 11):
  • Thank you, Stacy for this link. I see the information is only based on one book from 1884 and remains unconfirmed elsewhere, but is very intriguing since I live within block 1212. That block will never look the same to me.

    "A burial ground for people of African ancestry may have been located within Bedford; according to (Henry R.) Stiles, it was in existence in 1767 and was located within what is now Block 1212, bounded by Dean Street, Nostrand Avenue, Bergen Street, and Rogers Avenue."
    Henry R.Stiles,
    The History of the County of Kings and the City of Brooklyn, New York from 1683 to 1884
    (NewYork: W.W. Mundell, 1884)
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