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"Just Hair" - Another salon bites the dust?

I was walking by 794 Nostrand today and noticed that the awning was gone and the windows were covered with brown paper. It wasn't clear whether "Just Hair" has closed up shop or is just being renovated. 


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  • Hair salons and churches remain extremely segregated. As those that need the services of "black" salons continue to leave the neighborhood, we'll see more of this. At the same time, I think that there will be one or two new salons that open that are targeted towards the new demographic.

    I have seen one or two white guys braving the dominican barbers but have never seen a white woman in any of the local salons.

  • Maybe we should start a hair salon death watch thread.  
    We should.

    Some who represent the new demographic have been complaining that there are too many hair salons among retail corridors like Nostrand Avenue and Flatbush.

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    A Hair Salon Deathwatch or a Storefront Church Deathwatch seem as if they would be very fraught with political risks, and very time consuming.

    So, I hope I pass.

    BTW, this white guy has been going to the Dominican Barber on Washington since 2003. I prefer Fabian.

    Sabado Gigante on Univision while you wait.

  • So "Just Hair" has now become "Nine Hair." The new awning and frontage looks similar to the "Nine Sports" shop that is one store to the left. Perhaps new ventures by the same owner? The new Nine Hair looks bright and nice, kind of like Ja-Don'ss on Franklin.
  • hair is very personal. I take mine to a barber shop on 9th Ave and 58th St.  Manhattan.  
  • "Nine Hair" is actually the new location of a barbershop that used to be across the street on Nostrand. I wonder what the new vacancy will be.
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