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Air Conditioner Brackets (All of a sudden)

I've lived in my building for over four years and have had A/C all that time in my window. Today my super (great guy, but limited English) came and tried to explain to me that if you have an A/C, then you need brackets, as per the management. I looked over my rent-renewal notice that I received the other day, and there is nothing in it mentioning this nor in a rider. I told the super that I needed something in writing and he told me to call the landlord's office. I've done this with serious issues and haven't gotten anywhere with them.

Anyone else have experience with this? Perhaps an A/C fell out and the landlord got scared. Or he's trying to get ready to sell by bringing the place up to code. There were some "improvements" to the overall building, mainly cosmetic.


  • Your building's insurance company might be behind this "request".

    Regardless, it may be easiest to just comply...
  • My landlord put up notices last year telling residents in the front of the building that not having brackets would be a lease violation and lack of them would result in eviction.  But only for the front of the building.  This was the first time in 40+ years tenants were told anything like this.  
  • This is because the insurance companies don't want any units tumbling out the window in the event that they're not put in correctly or that when you go to take them out and open the window you don't grab them quickly enough. As a broker most of my clients have been told the same things, I just tell them to go and buy the brackets and give them to the tenants. It's a liability issue.
  • I think it is a NYC law.
  • It's also not good for many casement windows to have the weight of the air conditioner rest directly on the frame, where it can weaken and distort it over time.
  • I don't think it's a law as the none of the units in the buildings across the street from my office have them and then it would certainly apply to any private dwellings as well as it would be more of a safety issue.
  • Its an insurance thing. I had a friend who had an unsecured A/C unit and some plans on the fire escape she was told to bolt in the A/C and remove the plants. Her super told her that the insurance company told her LL they were liability issues. 
  • It's not crazy to ask that they install them.  I like the exterior ones (Frost King is the brand at Lowes) that are basically a sturdy L-bracket that goes on the exterior and allows you to leave the brackets while changing out a/c units.  

    I'd suggest this product to the LL (b/c it allows tenants to take out the their a/c's without possibly damaging his window) and ask if he could have someone install them for you all.  The worst that could happen is he says "no" and you have to fasten it yourself. 
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