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Call 311 to complain about quality-of-life violations and get an NYPD follow-up call. — Brooklynian

Call 311 to complain about quality-of-life violations and get an NYPD follow-up call.

New Yorkers who dial 311 to complain about quality-of-life violations can expect a call back from police asking if they’re satisfied with how the problem was handled, the Daily News has learned.

Precinct bosses will track 311 complaints, and each precinct’s special operations lieutenant will make sure every caller is contacted within one business day, with officers asking if the police response solved the problem.

For “chronic complaints,” defined as at least five calls about the same condition within four weeks, the caller will get a personal visit from one of the precinct’s top two officers.


  • If they actually manage to comply with this policy, it will be most impressive!
  • If I complain 10 times, do I get a ride in a cruiser? 
  • It might not be a fun ride, dac545. They may get annoyed at people who call too much, as is the case with 911.
  • That's what makes the 5 call threshold interesting to me.  I feel like situations like that fall into two categories: valuable info for the city/police or someone who is overreacting to a situation..
  • For some reason, I do not believe the top two officers are going to visit someone to follow up on a 311 matter if they have better things to do.

    So, maybe they will visit you in the sleepy 111th Bayside Queens Precinct.
  • edited September 2014
    Somehow I don't think they're going to call us anytime soon. However, if they do I think the call will go like this. 

    NYPD "Hello you called 311 about a noisy party at 3am yesterday. How happy were you with our response?"

    Caller "You sent a cruiser to the address 6 hours later and said they couldn't find the cause of the complaint. Because the party ended at 6 AM."

    NYPD "Great so we responded and fixed it?"

    Caller "No, not at all!" 

    NYPD "But the noise stopped so fixed it. Thanks for calling 311."

    I don't believe a single high ranking officer will ever show up to talk to a 311 caller ever.
  • Who knows? The past few days I have seen cops ticketing egregious speeders! And doing beat patrol on nostrand! I feel like anything is possible...
  • But we're not in the middle of a vision zero crackdown?! Why on earth are the police enforcing the law?