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Ital Shak — Brooklynian

Ital Shak

Anyone else up on this spot? This is my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn hands down. Nostrand and St Johns. Pure vegetarian. Amazing patties all veg like 5 or 6 kinds plus all types of other dishes. They are also open 24/7 or at least they used to be. I give this place my highest possible recommendation.


  • The original location is on Nostrand near Empire
  • I just ate one peas and one veggie "fish" patty last night for dinner, they are totally delicious! Love the Ital Shack! And they stay open late.

    I also love the natural foods grocery a few stores down, they stay open till 9pm, and carry my brand of organic yogurt, Erivan.
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    Anyone know if the Ital Shack just off Franklin is related to the ones talked about above?

    The Franklin one just got some press:
  • The old Ital Shak on Nostrand was good.  I used to grab lunch there from time to time.  It closed several years ago.  The place off Franklin is Ital Kitchen.  I don't think they're affiliated with each other.  The area has always had a wonderful range of vegetarian/vegan friendly options.  Having been vegan for 20 years, the food at the old Veggie Castle on Church compared favorably with just about anything else I've eaten out in Brooklyn over the years, and the portions were extremely generous.  Very similar set up and food to the Uptown Juice Bar on 125th in Harlem.  I live around the corner from this place and still haven't been there.  I need to check it out sometime.
  • The vegetarian place on Washington Ave near Dean (Vegetarian Palate) is pretty good.

    They seem to have successfully kept their customer base from when they were on Flatbush.

  • I didn't even realize they'd moved.  That's been one of my go to spots. Though since I cut soy out of my diet I haven't been eating there as much, as a lot of their best stuff is soy based.