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Missing Cat - Please help — Brooklynian

Missing Cat - Please help

Our 4 year old, larger cat, Lexington, escaped yesterday and has not came back.  He is yellow and white tabby with an all white belly.  We live close to Windsor Terrace/Kensignton on 12th Ave between Chester and Dahill and I'm sure he didn't go far.  I'm thinking that someone may have noticed him in their back yard and took him in.  If anyone has seen our kitty please let me know.  I have attached a couple pictures of him.  

He is microchipped but we haven't heard anything yet.  We check with Sean Casey and they haven't had anyone bring him in either.  We are very worried.  If anyone has seen or sees Lexington, please either email or give me a call 414-510-2874.

2011-05-28 14.49.16
2012-02-29 17.57.07