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3rd Avenue bet. 15th and 16th

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I am considering renting a space on 3rd avenue near the on ramp to the BQE, between 15th and 16th.
Is this part of 3rd avenue really noisy? Also, there is a tool rental place nearby, and I am wondering if this place is noisy? How about traffic noise, and the
ambiant noise from the  BQE. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


  • I used to live in 586 3rd. Is that the one you're considering?
  • Yes, have been thinking about the space, and it's still available, so PLEASE let me know your thoughts! It's the 2nd floor space.
  • I used to work nearby there. You will definitely hear the rumble of trucks and tractors, and the noise of industrial deliveries (ie trucks idling and machines) however , most of the businesses close early around there, and by night time, you will hear mostly the BQE
  • The garbage is collected early around that area and can get loud, just a heads up.
  • Esperanza is right.

    Lots of morning noise, from the garbage trucks to the truck deliveries/idling trucks. That is really an industrial district
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    I'll add that if the rent is a good deal and the apartment is nice you can get used to the noise level. The upside is that you are only a few blocks from what is now the hipper area of park slope. Lots of nice bars and eateries on 5th ave right there..
  • Yes. I am a common garden variety drunk at the Sea Witch. 20th and 5th
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