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cheapest parking lot 20-30min walk from EP/Franklin?

Hi there, looking to park a car in a lot that i wont be using much, so am fine walking a bit (30min) to get it.  I live on eastern pkwy and franklin.  Any reccos?


  • I don't have a car, but I would look for a parking lot east of Utica if I wanted to save $.
  • If you're really not using it that much you're probably better off selling the car, saving the insurance and parking lot fees and using zipcar or renting when you need it. For shorter trips I'd use car service.
  • Flatbush Ave @ 8th street has a garage with monthly spots.

  • Try  Put in an address, and it gives you pricing for all of the lots in the area.  I personally have used the garage at 525 Clinton (between Atlantic and Fulton) for a few months and had a reasonably good experience.
  • Autobabysitters on Sterling between Park & Prospect is reasonable. They also have Zip cars there.
  • Honestly, nothing is cheap anymore. All the garages are getting torn down for housing. Auto Babysitters is the cheapest, and it's still $275 a month. Plus: it was a pain to get our car in and out from there. We left after two months. Back to the street!
  • ive used the lot on Sterling btw Rogers & Nostrand a few times-- 24 hour access and about $40/night for a 15-pass van.  Dunno monthly rates but yeah, nothing is cheap any more-- save for under the BQE.
  • Thanks all. We are indeed going to sell a car as we have 2 (needed for previous jobs). But with 2 little kids it's tough to constantly try to find street parking for both cars, so garage until we get rid of 1.
  • There is a lot on Sterling between Nostrand and Rogers that was pretty reasonable 4 or 5 years ago when I garaged my car. They are now a Zipcar home so I'm not sure of the availability for long-term spaces now. At the time they were staffed 24 hrs so it was really convenient. I'd call about 30 minutes before I walked over and my car was always downstairs waiting when I needed it. 
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