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Chika Mexicana -- Really????

Mr. Crownheightser just called me and asked me to post this message to Brooklynian:

"I planned to have Chika Mexicana for lunch today because I noticed that their sidewalk sandwich board said "2 tacos and an agua fresca for $5". I thought they finally got their menu squared with the neighborhood. I went in, excited to finally try Chika Mexicana, and the manager told him me I could not get the deal. I pointed to the sandwich board, saying that it was being advertised. The employee told me"We're not doing that deal, the manager did not change the chalkboard." And was apparently not very nice about it.

So. Chika, your food is good, but your service continues to disappoint. Please take notice.


  • As a result of having so many mexican restaurants in the area, we may need to specify which one Chika Mexicana is.

    It is the one located on Nostrand, near Lincoln.
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  • Only because they were jerks about it, I'd take a picture of the advertisement and report the failure to honor the deal to the city (forget which department handles that). From my understanding, they are legally bound to honor that offer. Now, to be clear, if they were nice about things and explained that the offer was up in error, I'd let it go. But I have no time for rudeness. I definitely won't be stopping by Chika Mexicana. 
  • Tacqueria Milear, up a few blocks on Nostrand between Sterling and Park Place, is very good and the owners are extremely pleasant
  • Tacqueria Milear fan here. Food is good, fresh, and they never disappoint with the service. 
  • We love Tacqueria Milear.  We have been unimpressed with Chika Mexicana.  If their prices were more in line, we would have loved to go more often.  And it's not, as the owner here has posted before, that we're looking "for a deal".  Just that the prices do not line up with the area and what you get per dollar.  Plus, the employees at TM are extra great.
  • I go to both Chika and Tacqueria Milear. Even though Chika's tacos are a bit more expensive, they are definitely larger. For me at least, 2 tacos from Chika is about the same amount as 3 tacos from most other places.
  • I find this surprising - always feel very welcomed in Chika and the price (and walk - I'm across the street) is right. Milear is cheap and authentic though - and I've always been given complimentary chips while I wait. Those 5 extra blocks are a do-sy though...
  • Speaking of tacos (and Chika Mexicana), FYI for anyone interested:
  • Long-time lurker on here...had really poor experiences with Chika. Same situation. Price says one thing, then I go in and its another. 

    Or how about their website saying they deliver and then when I call in an order they say that's not true.

    Taqueria Milear is where its at. Nice mexican family, good food. 
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