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FIOS is coming to Crown Hts

Anyone use this service and have advice about it? Will it compete with Optimum?


  • Oh, really? I've been waiting for this.

    How will this be rolled out? Will the larger apartment buildings be able to get Fios too?
  • They are installing now in yards east side of Nostrand Ave.
  • I've been calling and calling.  Apparently, its available in my area, and they "are contacting the landlord."  I told them it's a two family house and the landlord lives on location, called to order, and wants it.  They gave me a reference number, and I haven't heard since.

    Do you know how they are installing it - underground or above ground, through the back or the front, etc?  Thanks in advance.
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    FIOS technology is the best.  Great speed.  Great TV quality.  No complaints on the function front.

    But Verizon will take every opportunity to screw up an order and account.

    My move from the DC area to Brooklyn in 2013 involved canceling my FIOS service there, starting new FIOS service here, transferring my Maryland phone number to my NY account, and installing and starting new FIOS service in my son's name (living in my house after I left).

    The phone number did not transfer even though Verizon originally said it would. Needed a very high escalation on a Saturday night to get it done.

    Some phone services (voice mail and something else) got turned off for no reason and required calls to get them back on.

    Free non HD converter box for one room -- supposed to have been required in NYC -- was charged for, requiring a call to get charges reversed.

    My son's service back at my Maryland home started with no problem, then went off the day our cancellation order hit the system.

    Oh, and Verizon told me initially that the best way to handle all of this was to simply transfer my existing account to my son and open a new account in NYC.  Except when my son called to try to complete the transfer, he was told "we can't do that."

    So, you will enjoy FIOS once you have it running.  But be prepared for it to take weeks or months AFTER installation for Verizon to get your account right.

  • Optimum is advertising that it's only fiber optic to an extent, that inside the building it's standard coaxial cable with the reduced bandwidth that implies.
  • More than half a year back, I saw some Verizon workmen on the next corner from me (Union and Albany); when I asked, they told me they were in the middle of bringing FIOS into the neighborhood and that it had already been brought (not actually installed) to the blocks around here. When I phoned Verizon about the possibility of FINALLY getting FIOS at my house, they gave me some cock and bull story about needing permission to access the house. When I pointed out that they already give me phone service through the telephone poles lining the driveway that runs down the back of all the houses, the alleyway from which the DOS picks up the garbage from my entire block (similarly for most of the blocks in this section of CH), they kept coming up with some excuse or another. So ... I'll believe it when I see FIOS actually being offered. Since Verizon has a monopoly on phone service, they really have no incentive to do anything much for their customers. 
  • FIOS has been available in parts of Crown Heights for a year.
  • @southeast they are using the poles in the yards so they say. Starting the lines between buildings facing Nostrand. Haven't seen them in the yards yet although they came to my door and warned me they were working on this.
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