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  • Hi Warren
    Yes I read the MOD address line for
    I'm hoping he posts on here, & sees that
    I wrote to him. If not, maybe our MOD
    Can help him get on here..
    I used to love playing stickball
    Girls agains guys but it was fun even though we got our asses kicked more than not..
    We played on 22nd st Btwn 6 & 7 aves in my teen years
    & when I was younger on 20th st which was
    The street where I grew up, we played in the lot across the street from my house right off fourth ave.
    Great memories.

    Have a great day!!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been on for a while.....can't believe it's August already. Hope everyone is doing fine. Nothing really new here, just enjoying the summer. Talk to you all soon
  • Hi Judy
    The summer whizzed by!
    Hope everyone is well,
    Glad to see you posting.
    Enjoy your weekend!
  • Hey you people, It is only the second week of August just beginning. Stop wishing summer away. We have summer till November but up North you have it until the end of September. I bet the School kids do not think summer is over. Down here they go back to school the third week of August so they get plenty mad when the back to school ads start showing up in July.
    We had another deluge of rain yesterday. The folks in California should send buckets here and we could fill them up and send them some water!
  • Hi friends,
    Hi Warren
    I wish we could help Cali. Out like that.
    College starts for my daughter end of
    The summer went by quickly.
    I'm ready to get out my holiday decorations
    Soon. Lol
    Have a great night!
  • Hello, Since when is August not considered summer???
    Patsy, put those Holiday decorations away and take you bathing suit back out!
    I am waiting for our pool to cool down a bit so I can take a refreshing swim. Last time I went in the water is was warmer then I would make a tub water. They are predicting more heavy rain this coming week. We are already 20 inches above normal for this date and we have had more then the average for the whole year. We get sunshine most of the day but the late afternoon and evening, watch out for the boomers and poring rain.
  • While Summer lasts quite a bit longer here in the North Country  (believe it or not, it is as hot here as in Northern Florida during this time of year), the Summer amateur sports season is over.  I watched lots of softball, baseball, and soccer and had loads of fun.

    High schools sports season starts this Friday and I am eagerly looking forward to  Autumn football, soccer, and girls tennis.

    Goat reminded of the Good Humor Man and Mr Softy commercials.  Nowadays,  I make my sundaes at home and add as many tasty ingredients as I can.  It is far tastier and a lot cheaper than Dairy Queen though I sure miss the old ice cream parlors we used to have in God's Country such as Schrafft's, Woolworth's, and the many parlors we had in East New York. 

    Everyone have a wonderful week!
  • Hi friends
    On vacation in mt Poconos
    Having a great time with my cuz
    Stephanie. Will leave here tomorrow
    Since we've been here since Saturday
    & heading to NJ to spend a few days with friends.
    Have a great night!'
    Talk to u all soon.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Hope all is well

    Patsy...have a great time...say hello to Stephanie for me.
  • Hi Judy
    I did!! She said hello back .
    Send my love...
  • Hello All, Patsy, hope you had a good time in the Pocono's. That was my old stomping grounds. Spent a lot of time in Canadensis which is near Mt Pocono, Cresco etc:. As with my family, all my friends in the Pocono's are deceased. The folks that owned the resort we went to, the people from Bay Ridge that we made friends with up there who built a house right across the street from the resort. All gone. That is one of the prices you pay for growing old. All your friends and family go on to heaven and leave you behind. I do not know if there is one person that I was friends with in Brooklyn are still alive. But look on the bright side. I am here to talk about my old friends and memories!
  • Hi Warren
    On last leg of vacation.
    I had a great time in Poconos & jersey with
    Some old friends.
    Back to work on Monday.
    I still have more vacation time, but I'm going to take time off during holidays!
    Have a great weekend & regards to Carol.

  • Memories of Park Slope- Delivering the Brooklyn Eagle on my Brothers route, especially the Sunday paper in the snow, on a sled at 6am. Walking to Ebbetts Field to see my BROOKLYN (Not LA) Dodgers play. Playing stick ball on 12th Street, Basketball in the 12th Street Reformed Church, singing in the choir at 12th Street Reformed Church, having some libations at Murphy's Tavern on 5th Avenue, going to the "Y" on 9th Street, The Prospect, Globe,Avon,Sanders, Minerva and 16th Street Movies Theaters, PS 124 and PS 40's, Methodist Hospital, (broke my arm) ringo Leeveo, Johhny on a pony, off the point, box ball, triangle ball etc:, etc:, etc:, never bored!!!!
  • I've had a very difficult time loggin on and hope this posts ....

    As for those Dodgers, I still remember my dad steaming with anger at Benedict Arnold - that is, Walter O'Malley -  for taking away his  favorite team.  But I was, and remain, a loyal Yankees fan.

    Played many of those streets games and had loads of fun, too. 

    Autumn scholastic sports has started here in the Twin Cities and the fun has just begun!

    Every have a Wonderful Weekend!
  • What in the world has been going on. Could not get on here for a week!!!
  • edited September 2015
    Hi guys
    This site was under construction
    Glad we're back on!!
    How are you, Richard & Warren?
    Hope all is well with everyone.
    TGIF!! Long work week..
    Richard enjpy your sports. I'm glad
    Your're doing what you love.

    Enjoy your weekend, my friends &
    Happy Labor Day!
  • I am doing okay, thanks for caring Patsy. For a site that was down that long, the only difference I see are different ads. Sometimes I feel that this site is being treated like a poor distant cousin.
    Really have been enjoying the Tennis Open in NY. Also been watching baseball, both leagues. Not ready for Football yet. When I am it will be whole hog for the Giants. I hope St Pierre will sign his contract. Even with nine fingers he will be great on defense! I have been in the Tampa Bay FL area for 18 years but I am still an avid Giant fan. Been one since the 50's. It was sad to see Frank Griffith go. He was a real Giant hero.
  • Hi guys
    Warren, what about those Mets?
    My husband (the Yankee fan) is sitting here watching Yankees lose a double header.. He's quiet since he can't rag on the Mets!
    He's hoping Yankees get picked for the wild card,. Well let's see what happens..
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!
  • Btw, Warren
    I felt bad that Serena lost to an unknown.
    She's still the best!!
  • "Happy Grandparents Day" to all the wonderful grandparents out there!!!
  • Hi Judy
    Happy grandparents day.
    My daughter Natalie cooked for us yesterday, a nice pot of stew & she baked fudge brownies.
    It was all delicious!
    Hope all the grandparents out there had a very special day too!!
  • Hi everyone, we are upgrading the site and it maybe a little glitchy/buggy for a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience. Feel free to email ADMIN@BROOKLYNIAN.COM if you have problems logging in etc..
  • Hi MOD
    Thanx for the heads up
  • I have been trying to get on here for days. I think it would be easier for me to get on the Presidents web site!!! Every time I signed on it would ask me to sign on. Did not give me a comment box until today when I did NOT sign in!!! No wonder so few people have been coming on.
    #1 Patsy I do not think any team can beat the Mets right now. They are the best in baseball! The Yankees are doing well despite a weak lineup. Gerardi has been winning with smoke & mirrors. He has to be a candidate for Manager of the year.

    #2 Tom Coughlin MUST GO! Sunday's debacle is at his doorstep. Eli tried to take the blame but we all know that there are speakers in his helmet and he is being told what to do by the coaches. The Giants may not be a super team but what they showed on Sunday up until the last minute deserves attention.

    #3 Serena's loss was a fluke. The girl (excuse me, Women) that beat her looked like an amateur in the finals. I was very disappointed that Roger did not beat the conceited a-- Jerkovitch in the finals.

    #4 I hope the blog will work well from now on!
  • I have been having a terrible problem getting on here. I wrote a 4 paragraph entry a couple of hours ago when I finally got on after several fruitless attempts. That message never made it to the blog despite all being in order!
  • Sorry about that. Trying to resolve the issue.
  • After so many attempts, if this does not post I am giving up. It would be easier to post on the blog of the President of the U.S. then on here
  • We reset the cookies today, so hopefully that resolves the issue.
  • Good morning
    Warren don't leave please
    Your my lifeline on here!
    We're the only 2 really consistent ones on here. Where are you Richard??
    Enjoy your day, people!!
  • Hey guys!

    Here I am ~ and there's no place like home.  :)

    Yeah, Serena's loss to Roberta Vinci was painful to watch - she just ran out of steam.  Just like American Pharaoh did at Saratoga.

    Am enjoying the fine Autumn weather we have here in St Paul.  Warm during the day but it can get a bit cool at night. That's why I always  bring a sweater whenever I venture out to watch high school sports.  Just the other day St Croix Lutheran high school gave me a free pass to all of their events for supporting the school for 24 years -  I told the school's athletic director that Christmas sure came early for me!

    Here's a website for those of you who want to watch Brooklyn and NYC sports online for FREE:

    Lots of good stuff there.


    I believe there is a Brooklyn connection in the following:

    I do not use that particular beverage but do use Bragg's which has a very salutary effect.  The old story of an apple a day keeps the doctor away  remains very true.

    Every one stay well.

  • Signing on has become almost impossible. Not only that but when I did get on I posted two entries which showed up temporarily and then dissapeared
  • Before I could not sign on. Now I can't sign out without the comment box returning. I hope that my messages that are in cyber-space will be enjoyed by someone!
  • Getting on here is is worse then the Republican debate
  • My log out/in  issues seem to be fixed today, are yours OldGoat? Not sure if it will help, but start by deleting your web cookies/cache. So the old website isn't saved in your history.
  • NONE of my problems signing in or out have been fixed. IMPOSSIBLE!!!!
  • As we used to say in the slope FORGEDDABOUTIT
  • Let us see if this actually posts!!!!
  • Still having serious problems signing in/out. I see some of my posts that I thought had disappeared now are showing up. It seems that we take on step forward and three steps back. Guess we will take one step at a time. It took three attempts at signing on to get to this point!
  • Hi Warren
    Glad u made it!!
    Watching the Mets vs Yankees game
    This is going to be one hell of a subway series!!
    Hi Richard
    Happy to see you on here too!
    Enjoy your weekend, everyone.
  • I found a back door way of getting on. Is not the best or easiest but here I am!
  • omg- hope someone sees this-been trying to get on forever! Enjoying the beautiful weather here in Fla. Even though it's rainy season - better than snow! Went to Disney for a few days. Had fun and my blisters are finally getting better. Lol. Trying to keep busy going to Bingo & Bunko & joined water aerobics too. Will try to get back on soon. Take care everyone!
  • Hi Anna, Congratulations on getting on here. It is quite a chore.
    Yes we have broken all kinds of records with the rainfall this fall so far. Too bad we cannot send some of it to California where they need it so bad.
  • Hi Warren-heard all about the flooding by u all summer! Hope u & Carol are doing well. My son is coming down Thanksgiving week and my daughter put the guilt trip on me so I'm going to Chicago for Christmas but only for 8 dats. Hope I don't get stuck in a snowstorm on the runway like I did last year. Hi Patsy hope all is well. Hope u get this comment!
  • My Giants are breaking my heart. Two consecutive games they are leading in the 4th quarter and blow it!
    Anna. We saw no flooding where we live but not all that far from here they were really clobbered. We are 20" over for rainfall averages for the year.
    Looks like the Yankees are going to have to settle for 2nd place. That means they will probably have to face Houston in a one game playoff to stay in the mix. The Mets are just fine. I think that they have 1st place sewn up. I will never understand why the Yankees let Granderson go. I do not even remember what they got for him!!! Keeping up with two or three sports at once (I keep a 1/2 eye on golf and am very much into Tennis but that season is over.) is a little frustrating. Even though I was a Yankee hater for years, I now root for any team out of NY area. It drives the hicks down here crazy and I love it!
  • Hi Friends
    Anna, so happy you're loving your retired life..
    So glad you're on here. Come back soon. Great that u have your holidays in order.
    Hi Warren,
    So happy for the Mets!!
    Hope all is well..

  • As an old Brooklyn Dodger fan I must pay homage to the memory of Yogi Berra. When the Dodgers played the Yanks in the world Series, Yogi was our biggest fear. You could not walk him or strike him out. He could hit any ball pitched anywhere. Then of course he managed the Yanks and the Mets. Later, I became an ardent Mets fan. Went to many games in Shea Stadium in fact I saw them in the old Polo Grounds before Shea was built. When they first started they were AWFUL. I stuck with them and still root for them. 69 & 86 were magic.
  • Okay, I found a way to get on here and everyone else is gone. What gives?
  • Hi Warren
    What an exciting week!
    The Pope was here, & the NY Mets
    Won their division!!
    I'm a happy camper!!
    Everyone, enjoy your weekend..
  • We need to keep the faith...
    "Let's go Mets"......
  • This morning I had a flash back. I thought I was back in the Slope on my way home from my job at the meat market. It was a cold winter night with snow banks on the sides of the streets. You know what triggered it? I heard a name that was the same as one of the butchers in the shop. It was Max, but there was also Mattie, Eddie, Frankie & Harry. I worked there from when I was 14 until I was 17. What a memory. I will be 82 in November and I can remember everything about working in the Palace Meat Market right across from Germains. It was a happy time of my life so I cannot get annoyed at remembering happy times! The day I graduated from High School a friend and I went over to Manhatten and saw the show in Radio City Music Hall. I turned over my job in the Meat Market to a friend and neighbor. The next day I left for PA to a job as a counselor in a summer boys camp run by the YMCA. It was called Camp Brooklyn!!! The week after I came back from camp I went to work full time for NABISCO in NY. I have never had a day out of work since until I retired in 1992. I have been blessed.
  • God bless you, Warren
    What day is your birthday in November?
    I'm November 29..
    I'll be 63..
    I've also been blessed with work since I'm 16. I worked for different companies along the way, but most times it was a good ride!!
    Working keeps us young & on the go..
    I'm thinking about retiring when I'm 65.
    We'll see where the road leads..
    On a different note, my husband is happy that the Yankees most likely wil be wild card.
    Buckle up,
    Here we go..
  • It is 21. Be sure & apply for Medicare when you are 65. If the Yankees do not wake up, they will be out of it altogether. Today they were eliminated from a chance for 1st place. They are losing to Boston right now 3-0. They are not yet safe for a wild card. They seem to have lost their bats and pitching at the same time!!!
  • Hi friends
    Thank God storm is not coming this way!!
    Lots of rain though, but better than we thought.
    So my hubby is a happy camper, now that the Yankees are in playoffs.
    It is baseball war in my home now!!
    Everyone, enjoy you weekend.
  • Hey all you bloggers out there. I know it was difficult getting on here for awhile but that seems to be corrected. How about coming on with a few words. This was never meant to be an exclusive blog for a chosen few!
  • Good morning, friends
    Yankees fans..
    No ring this year!!
    My husband is upset, but that's the way
    The baseball bounces!!
    Let's root for the Mets!!
    Everyone, have a great day!!

  • Hey Patsy, Lets hope that the Mets do just the opposite of the Yanks. They forgot how to hit!!! Another subway series would have been great, but that is the way it goes. I hope that the Mets beat the Dodgers bad!
    3 straight would be just fine.
  • Hi Warren
    I'm worried about them playing the Dodgers.
    Keeping the faith & my fingers crossed.
    What a game This will be..
    Enjoy your night..
  • Hi Guys!

    Yes, it was a great loss when our beloved Yogi Berra passed away.  There will never be another like him.


    Many local sports commentators here in Minnesota had wonderful things to say about him as well with several saying he was the greatest sports personality they ever met.

    I'm still enjoying Autumn high school sports and change in season. 

    Hope you are all doing the same.     :)
  • Hello All,
    Prodigal son, I am afraid that the only scholastic sports I am interested in is the ones my grandchildren are involved with. One of my grandsons was doing very well in freshman football but has decided to switch to baseball. He is very good at both and now the football coach is disappointed and the baseball coach is very happy. He already has played some varsity ball. His brother is in college and is very interested in his studies and just dabbles in sports for fun. His scholarships come from his marks. I love all my Grandchildren and back them up (long distance) regardless of their likes and dislikes. In my day I had to work after school and had no time for High School sports. I did go to the Manual-Erasmus football game in Ebbetts Field every election day.

    I am surprised that Minnesota sportswriters knew anything about Yogi.
  • If I were Chase Utley I would find a different place to be the next couple of days then Queens NY. When "Dirty" player Pete Rose tried these antics years ago, Bud Harrelson tagged him in the mouth the next time he came into second. I call Utley's action the "Pete Rose Syndrom" win at all costs, the hell with the physical results on anyone.
    In a way it may generate a great swell of pride in the Mets players and they may sweep everyone!!!
  • Hi Warren,,
    That was DIRTY!!
    Sore losers.. 2 game suspension??
    What bullshit. Sue those bastards!!
    I'm so a player is out & we can only pray his leg heals so he still has a baseball career..
    I hope The Mets come back with a vengeance from here forward..
    Enjoy your night!!
  • Good luck
    NY Mets...
  • Patsy, I hope that the Mets not only beat the turncoat Dodgers but that the Mets go all the way through the World Series. They have a rough road ahead. After the Dodgers they have the red hot Cubs. Then probably the Blue Jays. If the Blue Jays come to Citi Field, they better move the fences and stands back further. They are Home run derbies rolled up into one.
  • Mets WIN!!
    Hi Warren
    They were the underdogs all along.
    Let's root them on to victory!!
  • Have a great weekend
  • Good Luck to The NY Mets tonite.
    My youngest daughter may be going
    To the game.
  • Good luck to the Mets and your daughter at the game. The only advantage I feel the Cubs have is the Manager. Joe Madden is a very shrewd manager. Terry Collins is okay but....
  • Hi Warren
    My daughter is on her way to Citifield with
    Her boyfriend. He's a Yankees fan, but he wants to make her happy, so he spent big bucks on 2 tix for tonites game. I hope she's at a winning game.
    Enjoy the game....
  • "METS WIN"
    So proud & very happy for them..
  • Hello All,
    Prodigal son, I am afraid that the only scholastic sports I am interested in is the ones my grandchildren are involved with  ...

    I am surprised that Minnesota sportswriters knew anything about Yogi.

    Hiya Goat & Friends 

    Great to know you follow the grandkids sports - there's nothing quite like high school athletics.

    As for Yogi, the local reporters here all said that he made himself readily accessible to them at all times.  In fact reporters all over the country said that about Yogi - he was truly one of a kind.

    Go Mets!
  • Hi Richard
    Yes, root for The Mets!!
    Hope all is well by you.
    Yes everyone love Yogi Berra!
    What a great guy & legend..
    Definitely, one of a kind..
    Happy baseball watching..
  • 2-0, Could we ask for more? Yes, lets make it 4 straight, a sweep. Actually I would take 4 in any order. The rest of the Mets should find out what Murphy is eating and have some!!! Also, where would they be without Granderson? His hitting and fielding is outstanding....
  • Hi Warren
    Yes, getting there!!
    Whatever Murphy is eating, it's the breakfast of champions!!
    You gotta believe!!!!
  • I sure hope that the Mets look better tonight than my Giants last night. The way the Giants played I think I could have gotten 11 men from my senior independent living facility to beat them.
  • Hi Warren
    I'm so excited for tonites game.
    I'm praying hard for them to win!!
    Good Luck, New York..
    Enjoy the game ...
  • 1 more and on to the World Series! Does Murphy have any political aspirations? I think right now in NY he could be elected to any office he wants.
  • He should run for President!
    Get the brooms ready for the BIG
    This team is on fire!!!
  • Hi Guys,

    How is everyone doing?

    I'm sure most of you are so happy for the husband is in heaven!!!!

    Hope everyone is doing good
  • Hi Judy!!
    How are You?
    Yes, it's awesome about the Mets!!
    Tell Bobby I said hello.
    Post again, soon..
  • I think that Toronto was better then KC but all the better for the METS!
    Had to reset my password. Oh Well. Patsy, how did your daughter like the playoff game she went to? Judy, I go back so far with the Mets that I saw them in the Polo Grounds before Shea Stadium was built. They were terrible but lovable back then. Good old Marv Thronebury. Saw them many times in Shea but of course I have not been to Citi Field. A little far from Florida! One game I will never forget in Shea. Tom Seaver pitching for the Mets, Bob Gibson pitching for the Cardinals. We were sitting right behind first base but could not follow the fast ball to the plate on either pitcher. Memories, memories.
  • Hi Warren
    She had a great time. Seats not so great but still expensive but worth the money for the memory.
    Her boyfriend is a Yankees fan, but rooted for the Mets. ( like he had a choice sitting with her) lol
    Citifield is gorgeous. We have been there several times. But I must say Yankees stadium is gorgeous too!
    Been there with the hubby a few times..
    Toniann has a brick in the fan walk of Citiefield. Her aunt bought it for her birthday the year the fan walk was being paved. She also has a double of it in her room.. Buy one & get one..
    Very expensive from what I know, but something she'll always cherish..
    Hope you had a good weekend..
    2 days to game 1....
  • The one she has home, has gold plate with serial # & section where brick is
    On it. We have it in display case which they made special for the bricks.
  • Good luck to the NY METS

  • Patsy, I guess you know that the original "You Gotta Believe" man was Tug Magraw who passed away several years ago here in Florida. He was treated at Moffitt Cancer Center, near here, in Tampa, one of the best in the nation but they could not save him. His son is a Country -Western star singer.
  • Hi Warren
    I did not know that logo had anything to do with Tug McGraw.
    I learned something new. Thank u.
    Yes his son is Tim McGraw, I've heard hi song, but I'm not a country music lover.. I still listen to 60' & 70's oldies.
    I love the music I grew up with. I do listen to some new artists, but nothing like the oldies..
    Right now, mets 0 & royals 1.
    I hope they turn this game around. Still plenty of time to play..
  • above post should read I've heard Tim sing
    I wrote hi song instead.
    I don't like that we cannot make corrections on these posts??
    There is no edit button like we used to have.
  • Yes, let's hope the Mets will pull through.

    Gotta believe!
  • Hi guys
    14 innings & a loss!!
    Hopefully, tonite will be better
  • Hi Richard,
    Yes, we still believe!!
  • Ugh!!!
    2 game loss!!
    I hope they can turn this around!!
  • Okay Patsy, Back in Citi-Field tomorrow night. Lets hope the Home field & crowd will turn them around. By the way, I do not understand why the outfielders are so lousy. Granderson is the only one that can catch a ball. Their errors have started two rallys for KC. The opening so called In the Park home run was certainly an error. Hey Prodigal son. I do not know where you are seeing all the snow. The only places I have seen in our papers with snow are Fairbanks and Anchorage Alaska!
  • Good morning!!
    Mets win 9-3!!
    We're still believen'
    Let's go Mets!!
    Hi Warren
    Keep fingers crossed.
    They need to win tonite..
  • Woe is us! They were lousy last night and are tottering on defeat. Bad relief pitching, poor fielding and below average hitting do not win a world series. Lets hope they get their act together before it is too late.
  • Hi Warren
    Very disappointing!!
    They should have won that game!!
    I'm just about over it!!
    Let's see what happens..
    Enjoy your day!
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