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cake joint? — Brooklynian

cake joint?

Spotted in an under-construction store front on Rogers between Church and Martense: a chalkboard for "Cake Ambiance". 
The storefront was a bodega until Jan 1. 
Let us eat cake?


  • Don't know if it's the same owner but there used to be a Cake Ambience on Dean(?) near Flatbush Ave and Barclays. Maybe it's still there and this is a second location?
  • ah, i knew i'd heard of it somewhere! every time i rode my bike home on dean street when i lived in P Heights
  • same phone number as the one near barclays....

  • - looks like they're open. Has anyone been by for a slice?
  • Just went today. Amazing cake! The owner is super cool as well. He is currently renovating, but you can get slices for $5-$7
  • Stopped by last night. Cakes are large and super sweet. Like *really* sweet. 
    He's open late and is generous with sampling. 
    Also, it's the same guy who once had the shop near Barclays
  • edited October 2016
    The area in my opinion is lacking for good pastries and since this place is about 2 blocks from my house I wanted to give it a try.  The place is NOT glamorous as renovation is still going on and the poor owner was jugglling trying to sell cake slices for $$ as well as getting his place ready, so keep that in mind, however his cakes did not disappoint.

    I sampled a pistachio cake which was extraordinary, but wound up buying a red velvet and a carrot cake. I have never had such an incredibly moist and flavorful carrot cake and the frosting was great, creamy and just right, not too sweet. IMO I'll gladly pay the $7 a slice. I will be going back at least once a week!