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Retail complex in the works near Kings Theatre — Brooklynian

Retail complex in the works near Kings Theatre

Looks like there are some early efforts to being more shopping options across from the Sears on Bedford. Should this actually happen, what retailers would you fine folks like to see offered? I'm pretty darn excited about the possibilities. 


  • i find it weird that this DPC story makes no mention of the fact they intend to expand the footprint and add two stories to this building...... which is a bit sad because i quite like how it currently looks. 

    as for retail, i find myself unable to be excited for any chain that isn't trader joes. we already have a bunch of other chains down the street!
  • May we be so lucky that the retail gods bestow Trader Joes upon us. Perhaps by the time they finish adding to the building, the area will be primed for such a thing -- we're going in that direction as it is anyways.