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Chipotle coming to Flatbush Junction — Brooklynian


  • Though I'm not often down in that area, its nice to know I'll soon be 4 subway stops away from Chipotle. That's progress in my book.
  • damnit I wanted the area to be more uh... up and coming.  It's nice to have options though, and I can't really think of a solid burrito spot nearby.
  • I'd rather have a Baja Fresh.
  • anybody been to the Korean BBQ joint that just opened across from Kings Theater?
  • Two doors down they're also putting in a Panda Express. I was hoping the junction would go a little more local but there's plenty of storefront space still left.

    There is also some work being done on a very narrow comm. space right near the duane reade next to lords. It looks like it might also be a restuarant.