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There's finally a cafe southeast of Church and Flatbush: Roger That Cafe — Brooklynian

There's finally a cafe southeast of Church and Flatbush: Roger That Cafe

Rogers Ave on the corner of Erasmus st. They had a soft opening over the weekend and are responsible for this mural that had gone up a few months ago (which i assumed had more to do with the landlord renovating the apartments above)


I went in on saturday and they had a small selection of pastries, and standard hot drinks (the americano i had was great); soon to expand to toastable foods (they have a fancy commercial grade toaster) so hopefully bagels are in their future. The space is big, bright, and with a nice mix of places to sit. The owners said they have plans to get a beer and wine license in the future--and indeed, their counter is set up perfectly to become a bar.

I must confess i'm surprised that coffee shop entrepreneurs have skipped over the swath of giant apartment buildings between Winthrop street and Linden blvd in our part of Flatbush--especially since that's an area slated to have the most new units in the next few years. the nearest coffee shop (with an espresso machine--drip coffee in my eyes does not count) to this is Blessings. I would imagine even the existing units on Clarkson, Lenox, and Linden alone would support a couple of coffee shops. This particular spot is nicely off the beaten path, but ever so slightly south of the population bulk that would be most likely to visit it. Still, I think they're really smart to do this. They're the first so i think if they play their cards right they could really reap the benefits of that.


  • I'm so damn happy a coffee shop has opened on my block. Their muffins are quite nice and I can't *wait* for the day they get their beer and wine license.

    You bring up a good point about the new units coming up between Winthrop and Linden. I'm hoping that this cafe will be able to take advantage of the slate of new units coming to this general 5 block radius, especially the new ones on Erasmus.
  • I wish these folks all the best. Coffee shops are good for the neighborhood. I always thought some local entrepreneur could make a Jamaican-themed coffee shop and sort of thread the needle in getting everybody to patronize it. 
    Maybe the developers and brokers on Winthrop to Linden should open their own coffee shop. 

  • hmmm, isn't that what those MySpace nyc guys did in crown heights? i think i recall reading that they opened a fancy and not very good middle eastern restaurant on franklin avenue that lasted a couple months, and possibly some more coffee shops
  • Well, if you have a multimillion dollar development, and you can start a coffee shop for around $100k, and it means your rents or asking prices might go up more than that, it's worth doing!